Parts of the Reception – Expectations and Preparations

Reception is an important area on a wedding celebration. In fact, this is where the party really begins and where you see all the beautiful decorations. Remember, the decorations can speak much of what kind of wedding you have and what kind of couple you two. Your guests have to be stunned just by looking at the appearance of your reception through decorations and flowers. However, do not focus too much on the decorations and themes. You must be able to think of the structure of how your wedding reception would go. People you invite would expect a lot of things and their main goal is to enjoy. You need to give a lasting impression that your wedding is going to be the best, most memorable and fun they would ever attend.

Generally, there are four parts of the reception, which are the presentation of the newlyweds, the dinner proper, the delivery of wedding speeches, and the dance party. You can even add other parts to organize your wedding reception especially if you have a tradition or cultural practice to follow. Yet, let’s discuss each of those common parts that must be present and executed on the reception of the wedding.

The Presentation of the Newlyweds

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When everybody is set and feel relaxed or more excited of what’s to come at the reception, the groom and the bride have to make their another appearance but this time as newlyweds since they are already officially married. This should be regarded as one of the priceless and best moments. So, be sure to have all the cameras ready to capture you as the newlyweds as you walk back in as husband and wife.

The Dinner Proper


A wedding reception always has some foods and drinks served on every table. In most cases, a dinner, buffet or sit-in style, is chosen by couples. It is best to celebrate a marriage through feast during dinner time. However, when everybody is taking some bites of the delicious and presentable foods served, it is best to continue the program or the party by having some people to talk and present their short wishes and messages, but not yet the wedding speeches and toasts. You can only allow your guests to say something in a sentence or two. If this seems to be not ideal for you and your partner, you can just play some music or display a slideshow or video clip of the two of you. Probably, you can present some of your best pre-nuptial photoshoot images too.

The Delivery of Wedding Speeches

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When everyone is finished with the dinner, or at least all of the speakers, it is best to immediately proceed to the delivering of speeches by expected wedding speakers. These include the groom, the bride, their mothers and fathers, the best man and the maid of honor. They need to give each their own messages addressed to the newlyweds. So, you and your partner has to make your own speeches and present them to thank everyone, acknowledge their presence and to extend your messages to each other as well to your personal appreciation to your parents and siblings.

The Dance Party

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Of course, a wedding celebration won’t be completed without the fun part, and that is when you make the first dance as newly married couple. It must be a slow, romantic dance of the two of you which is another moment everyone would be looking forward to seeing. After that, you can have other slow music where everyone can dance, and then make the beat faster so that everybody would be grooving and having fun.


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