Extras on Weddings

Planning your wedding is not just an ordinary job that you can accomplish within a week or a day. It takes months to prepare this kind of occasion, because you surely want to make it memorable in the first place.

Do you really want to have a wonderful wedding? The answer is probably right! Well, it works with just be natural and be yourself as you marry together. But for attendees, they look on the surroundings, and anticipate for some unique and entertaining. That being said, we’ll talk about incredible extras that you can have for this gathering.

Favors that are Creatively Packed and Made

Wedding favors are common nowadays, so they are not just extras but trendy for this kind of event. These are like souvenirs but treats or goodies you can giveaway to all attendees, including your own parents, family, bridesmaids and groomsmen. But since they are very special, you need to carefully plan on what you will give to them.

These are not just used to casually say “thank you” to each participant and every attendee. They are also good additional décors, since they are usually packed in a beautiful and creative way. It is much better if they are also unique and personalized.

The Releasing of Two Doves or Lanterns

Releasing doves have been a traditional way of expressing love between a man and a woman. This can be optional, that’s why it is called extra on wedding events. The doves should be male and female, to symbolize the bride and the groom.

If not doves, you can choose lanterns to release instead. These are more appropriate to use for weddings that that take place during sunset or at an early night. You can write your wishes on the lanterns before you light them and let go out into the sky.

Whichever your choice is, this part of the special event should be held after all speakers are finished in delivering their own wedding speeches. So, don’t forget to include this as a unique way to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends.

Photo Slideshow or Video Presentation

It will be also nice to have a compilation of your photos and videos while you were young, growing teens and up to the most recent snapshots. Making slideshows or video presentation of the newlyweds is a good way to entertain the audience. In fact, this helps them get to know you more, how you were when you still didn’t know each other, and how had it been when you finally in the years of being together before marriage. It is surely a sweet thing to look at! So, bring out all of your cutest, funniest and most romantic photos, including pre-nuptial pictures, and make a very nice presentation to maximise the entertainment for all of your guests at the reception party.

Display of Fireworks

Fireworks display is also one of the best extras that you can add on your wedding. This is only if the ceremony happens at night, or even at the setting of the sun. You can have a 5 minute (or less) viewing of beautiful fireworks up in the night sky after you both are officially declared as husband and wife. If not, you can have it during the reception, when everyone has given their beautiful wishes and blessings during the speech delivery. It will be a nice way for making some toast together.

With these extras, your wedding may not just turn out to be a beautiful occasion, but also the most memorable, most entertaining and most unique gathering your family and friends have been into. So, try to be creative and think of other things that you can add to make your wedding a lot more wonderful.


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