5 Things to Remember when Choosing a Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date has to be based on different factors. This date becomes meaningful, because you are going to celebrate it year after year. Here are five things that you need to keep in mind in order to choose the best date to get married.

1. A Very Special Day

Most couples like to choose a wedding date based on special reasons. They will have the first time they meet, their anniversary as an official couple, the first day they kissed, etc.

Some couples love to set their very special day during holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Halloween. As a matter of fact, heart’s day or simply known as Valentine’s Day, is a favorite holiday season to choose to tie the knots. It is romantic and easy to remember, and you may just want to do the same. These selections of dates are very obvious special occasions like wedding.

2. A Season of Your Choice

There are four kinds of seasons to select from, which you clearly know. The question now is when do you plan to wed? Is it during the summer, autumn, winter, or spring? Actually, it is much easier to decide on the date if you first determine the kind of season to have your wedding.

3. An Immediate Planning

Any date of the wedding has to be settled as early as possible. This has an important play with how you plan and prepare the occasion. With that said, choose a date that should be at least 6 months from now. It will be good if you have the wedding day around ten to twelve months from the time you are making a choice. You can avoid hassle or rush-hour planning if you do this. Otherwise, you may be forced to postpone or change the date immediately, and this does not make any good look to your guests who may have expected it already.

4. An Off-Peak Season

If you want to have a wedding that lets you shell out affordable expenses, just simply choose a non-holiday or off-peak season. During national or worldwide holidays, the cost of different bookings to make like photography, flowers, catering and music can be very expensive. If you insist to exchange vows during a special holiday, you may select a day before or after that popular date instead.

5. A Non-Busy Day

You also need to consider the time your visitors are not busy. Always remember that not all people have the same schedules. Some may be working six days a week, while others only have five days. That being said, you choose a date in which most, if not all, of your guests are not working. Also, you make sure that you inform the wedding day and time, despite their busy schedules. This should give them enough time to file a day off on the day in case they have work.

Planning a wedding can consume lots of months. That is why it is a good idea to select a day of your wedding beforehand to avoid any hassle. The truth of the matter is you cannot start planning a beautiful wedding if you are not able to choose a wedding date first. So, this must be your first priority before other things.

You can ask the help of your family, especially parents, in deciding on the date that is right for your wedding. This is if you and your better half cannot decide easily. Most importantly, remember the factors that are discussed above so you can have a much better option in choosing your wedding date that you are going to remember as years pass by.


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