Cake Pops for Wedding – Added Treat to Guests

Favors are a good treat for wedding events. They make good table decorations and token of appreciation for every guest who attends this special celebration. Among the popular wedding favors to give is cake pops. The best thing about cake pops is that they are very easy to prepare for countless people. You can surely make hundreds of cake pops and give every wedding attendee. Below are specific details on how you can make tasty and wonderful cake pops for wedding.

The Ingredients

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What do you need to make delicious and attractive wedding cake pops? As its name suggests, a baked cake is a very essential ingredient of this party favor. The flavor of cake pops you can server depends on the kind of cake to bake. You may go for everybody’s favorite, a chocolate cake, butter cake, banana cake or any desired flavor. Several ingredients are separated to make cake, so do not mix them with the ones used to make cake pops. The finished cake is crushed by hands (make sure your hands are clean). Other than the baked cake, here are ingredients for creating wedding cake pops.

1/2 cup creamy frosting (any desired flavor)
colored sugar or candy sprinkles (for decoration)
white chocolate

lollipop sticks
ice cream scoop
cookie sheets

The Direction

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Ready to learn the steps of how to create cake pops for wedding? Below is a list of the easy and quick steps of making delicious and beautiful cake pops.

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1. Bake any desired flavor of cake. Remember this has a separate baking direction. Once the cake is baked and cooled down, remove the crust, and crumble the cake. Mix the creamy frosting with the crumbled cake.

2. Using the ice cream scoop, make pieces of crumbled cake with frosting into balls. Roll them to make perfect balls, and place on a cookie sheet, pan or tray, then chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

3. As the cake pop balls are in the fridge, melt the white chocolate through a microwave or a steamer. For microwave, pour white chocolate in a container and place in the oven for a minute or less to melt it. For steamer, fill it with white chocolate and stir as it is liquefied in a very low heat.

4. Take the cake pop balls out of the refrigerator. Attach the lollipop stick into each of the balls. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate container. Place them on a cookie sheet, decorate with sprinkles, sugar or other decorations, and dry.

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If you like to decorate the cake pops with icing, you may do so instead of sprinkling them with sugars or candies. Take note that there are different ingredients and steps in creating icing, regardless of the flavor desired. Anyway, use a piping bag to make designs of the cake pop balls, and dry.

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You can see just how easy to make cake pops for weddings. However, you must also plan on how they are packaged and presented. Most wedding cake pops are covered with translucent wrappers and tied in a ribbon that matches the theme of the event. Others prefer having each of the cake pops stored in a beautiful, transparent box. Whatever you choose to finish the cake pops, it won’t matter as long as they are presented in an attractive and eye-catching form. To finish it off, attach a small piece of paper or board that specify wedding details, which include the name of the bride and the groom, the date, and a “thank you” note.


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