Father of the Bride Gifts – A List of Favorite Gifts for Him

Father of the bride gifts are traditionally given by the bride or the groom. Either person has one purpose in giving a present to the bride’s father. That is to showcase the love and appreciation the father has done in supporting them in everything. Besides, any parent deserves to be treated that way during the most special day of the couple’s life. If you are looking for the best gifts that are among the popular and trendiest items to wrap these days, you are on the right page. Here is a list of gifts that you can hand out to the father of the bride.Image Source : golzfamily

1. Pocket Watch

A very valuable and nice gift item you may choose is a pocket watch. This is an ideal gift for a father of the bride. It can be customize in a way that your thoughtfulness is engraved through the personal note you may like to include on the item. You can add his name and his initial as the “Father of the Bride”. With this kind of item, he can easily carry and bring it anywhere which reminds him of your love toward him.

2. Wrist Watch

If a pocket seems not a very practical item for your father to use, then a hand wrist watch is a good option. It is one of the most popular and favorite father of the bride gifts. You can get one that is manufactured from the world’s leading brand like Rolex, Timex, Swiss and Fossil. Fathers usually wear this kind of item as it reminds them of the time for everything they need to do and achieve for the day. Whether your father is retired or not, a hand wrist watch is definitely a good personal item to keep and use for a very long time.

3. Picture Frame

Another personalized item you can give is a picture frame. If you are the bride, it is much better to send him a photo frame with your picture together when you were younger and one from the latest picture you have with him. If you are the future son-in-law, you can still choose to give him an empty picture frame or with a picture of him and his lovely daughter, who is your bride. For many years, a picture frame is among the list of best and popular father of the bride gifts. It has never been an uncommon because of its timeless and the personal touch it can offer to the recipient. In addition, you can give a photo album with all your photos together if you like to remind him all the memories you have had from the time you were born until the very recent day you have spent time with him.

4. Book

Most fathers like to read and if the father of the bride is a bookworm, you can consider going to the bookstore and look for a good book he can read. He may have a particular interest on the genre of books he usually likes to read. If so, choose one of the most current bestselling novels from a renowned author. It is also possible that he has a favorite writer which you may also think about.

5. Kindle eBook Reader

Why not give him a more advanced eBook reader instead like Kindle? If he is into books then this particular gadget is a great one to wrap and hand out to him. This is one of the newest father of the bride gifts which you may also consider if your dad is one bookworm. Plus, this reader does not only offer books to buy online but also magazine and newspapers description. So, instead of him picking up delivered newspapers in front of his door, he can just get it right through this device.

6. HandkerchiefImage Source : Joanna Bourne

Among the timeless and common father of the bride gifts is handkerchief. This has to be embroidered with his first name and title as the father of the bride. You can find a lot of brands of handkerchiefs in sets. There are sets which contain three or five handkerchiefs. This particular item is also a very practical to use. Yet, he has the option to keep it more valuable by not using and just putting it in his treasure box as a remembrance.

7. Cufflinks

A pair of cufflinks is also a very popular father of the bride gift. Most brides give their dads a beautiful pair of cufflinks as not only a tradition to practice but also a gesture of their love and appreciation. Whether you want to give your father another item, be sure to include a pair of a stainless silver or black cufflinks. It must match his wedding attire to give complement. This means if the tuxedo is dark colored then the cufflinks must be in a lighter shade to become noticeable. If it is a light colored suit, the cufflinks should be dark then.

8. Golf Club

There are fathers who love to play golf and if your dad happens to be one of them, a golf club is an ideal gift. This is becoming a favorite item to hand out at a wedding by a bride or even a groom. You can motivate him more to go out and spend more time swinging and teeing off. If you like to give some new and unique father of the bride gifts, this is definitely a good choice. Or just spend one whole weekend playing golf with him which is more memorable for sure.

9. Gift Certificate

You may also like your father to enjoy some free treats at his favorite local barber shop or coffee shop. How about a massage and spa to make him feel pampered a day or two before your wedding day? A gift certificate is one more excellent option that you can choose. You can easily get this via the Internet and it does not even require you to go out and shop at all.

10. Wedding Tuxedo

Since you are giving him a wedding related gift, why don’t you just present him a very nice tuxedo? Being the bride or the groom, this is an excellent item to hand out. You do not have to let him pay for what he is going to wear at the special day. Just let him choose and pick the tuxedo that suits for him.

These ten father of the bride gifts are very fantastic options that you can select from. To show your appreciation, love and loyalty, do not just give your dad a kiss on the cheek or a personal letter but also hand him out something that he can value and keep for all his life. Anything you give to him is worth it regardless of the cost. What matters the most is your thoughtfulness and unconditional love. Whether you give a cheap or an expensive time, he won’t mind at all because he is going to treasure it and all the memories you have shared together. So, when you pick out a gift item always base it from your heart.


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