6 Wedding Destinations in the United States for 2014

Wedding is unquestionably an anticipated, romantic, and exciting event to couples who are going to marry each other. That is why all efforts and time spent are worth it. Even every dime spent just to make it extravagant is priceless.

If you are looking for a place that is perfect for your wedding, you do not have to go any further. The United States have many places that are suitable for wedding destinations. Basically, this country is one of the most breathtaking and romantic places in the world. But since there are plenty of cities and towns, let me help you narrow down your choices. Here are perfect US wedding destinations that you and your future spouse can choose.

Bar Harbor

1. Bar Harbor, Maine

Located in Mount Desert Island in the county of Hancock, this destination is a perfect choice for couples who are nature lovers or outdoorsy. This site is perfect for summer and autumn weddings. It is here where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains, magnificent lakes and cool beaches.

Lobster is the main dish of Mainer. You will also enjoy the mouth-watering lobster here as it is the primary food that you should not miss when you are in Maine.


2. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Stunning coastlines that feature sand dunes, lighthouses, and crystal clear water are the best offers of Outer Banks. This location in North Carolina is where the wild horses are usually seen from TV commercial to movies. The beaches are perfect place for pre-nuptial or engagement photo background, and of course, for wedding events.


3. Charleston, South Carolina

Going south, Charleston in South Carolina is also a great place where couples can tie the knot. There are many stunning sights for a wedding event, which include a garden, art gallery, and cafe. This town may be small but it offers white sand beaches, which are perfect for beach weddings. Because of those highlights, this place can give a romantic view for weddings.

The ideal dish in this town for a wedding feast is anything made of oysters and shrimps. You can select one of the best seafood dishes that you can eat. A lot of people do love oysters with a glass of wine or champagne on the table.

Key West

4. Key West, Florida

Florida is popularly known for its beautiful beaches, but to narrow down the choices, opt for Key West. This town is surrounded with cool, beautiful turquoise waters and warm weather. Not to mention the location of the sunset that is a perfect backdrop for summer weddings. This site can add romantic atmosphere on the day of your wedding.

As far as tourism is concerned, Key West is full of hotel resorts that can provide accommodation. Any resort from the most economical to the fanciest will welcome you, your partner and your guests with comfort. This makes the wedding weekend a lot more memorable and relaxing.

New Orleans

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

Heading off a little west from Florida is the state of Louisiana. This is where you can find a very famous place called New Orleans, which offers you lots of fun and romance. It has a unique style of music, tasty cuisines and breathtaking venues for wedding occasions. Also, there are many man-made architectures, ancient buildings and local restaurants that can accommodate you for an amazing wedding party.

Las Vegas

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Why should we miss Las Vegas on the list? This remains an excellent choice for a wedding destination in the US. It can offer you lots of fun and memories that you and your future spouse can remember for the rest of your life together.

From entertainment centers to expensive restaurants, Las Vegas gives you plenty of choices where you can exchange vows. Not to mention the quick, drive through wedding venues. You can absolutely get married in no time! But of course, it is better that you enjoy a long moment with your loved ones and friends.

You won’t even worry about the dishes as many famous cuisines from all over the world can be ordered here. It is also among the places that have limousines, fireworks, great music, and other elements necessary for a wonderful wedding.

Many couples are very careful in looking for a good place where they can be witnessed by their families and friends to be united as one. A wedding destination must really be a romantic and economical place. After all, this is a once in a life time event that you should not just simplify. It has to be one of the greatest days of your life. And because of that, you need to consider one of the places in the United States. The list of US wedding destinations discussed here is how you can get started to plan for a memorable and beautiful ceremony.


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