Wedding Table Decoration – Present Beautiful Tables

On the reception, the thing that distracts the eyes of each and every wedding attendee is the tables. There’s something special about wedding tables. That’s because of how they are arranged and what are placed on them. They generally brighten the whole party to become a more elegant and breathtaking ambiance. This one aspect of a wedding is very important to bear in mind. The couple has to give essence and big consideration on what they need to put on each table. Here are some tips and ideas that can help you make beautiful and unique wedding tables through decorations.

Build a Team

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There is no denying how stressful and daunting a wedding is. That’s the reason why the bride and the groom do not only work alone. They get help and assistance from people, which include the maid of honor and the best man. In sketching the reception, it definitely requires more than two heads to come up with a fantastic plan. To limit stress and hassle in preparing your wedding table decorations, do not hesitate to ask for hands from your family members and friends most particularly those who have creativity and speciality in decorations. If you need a professional, you can count on a wedding designer expert but again things have to be contributed by your family and friends. So, that means you must have a team of wedding tables, or to specify it, team of wedding table decorations.

Choose Décors

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There are many kinds of decorations to use for a wedding regardless of the theme. Exactly, a particular theme can still provide different décors and stuffs. So, it is essentially necessary that you refer to the theme of your wedding. That’s how you can start listing down the things to get, buy or make and display on the tables. To be able to cut down the expenses, have some decorations customized by your bare hands and creativity. Some simple and basic décors are easy to make. That should be considered as well instead of buying and spending a few bucks. You can save a little bit if you just buy scratch materials and form them to wedding table pieces. A few examples are ribbons and bows that are made of clothes, used linen or even curtains.

Collect Ideas

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For unique and creative ideas, many resources are available to discover. You can scan pages of wedding magazines, home and living magazines, DIY magazines, and other types of magazines that feature creative designing. Browsing the Internet to get more information and ideas is one other thing you can try doing. Sometimes you really have to do your own research and do not just simply rely on the plans of a professional wedding organizer.

Match the Color

The secret key of having good tables on a wedding reception is the balance of colors. There has to be at least two colors you can see on a reception event. The traditional white and one other shade depending on the chosen theme. For example, a beach wedding commonly refers to colors related to the place or concept, which are white, blue, aqua, and other shades of blue. From that idea, you have an idea what to mix and match on the tables. If there are more than two colors, it doesn’t matter if the colors do not make a good blend of their own shades but rather be creative on how to match them when they are put on the tables.

Arrange the Foods and Souvenirs

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Going forward, let’s say the tables are already covered with cloths so you just have to fill on them to look fabulous. What you normally put on tables on wedding reception are the foods, dishware, favors and other souvenirs. Those are the elements that have to be properly and beautifully arranged on every table. It is very important that each of those items is set in a way that they stand out on their own.

Simplify the Chairs

Tables on a wedding are not just placed in a room to fill the reception area. There have to be chairs with them as well. Just imagine how your wedding guests are able to enjoy the foods you prepared if they are standing. In many cases, the chairs have to be matched with the tables in terms of color covering and designing. However, you do not have to make them very noticeable. A few accents here and there are enough.

Add Extras

Other than the ordinary, you can select more stuff that you can put on every table. Anything that can present your theme is acceptable but be careful that you may overdo it. Among the common additions are confetti like rose petals scattered on some areas of each table, name cards, which are very important anyway, and candles. Of course, there have to be the souvenirs and favors which are also packed in creative boxes of the same color scheme.

Fill the Tables with Flowers

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The most outstanding table centerpiece on a reception is the bouquet or vase of flowers. This is not difficult to make but combining the right kinds of flowers can ruin the appearance of tables. It does not matter how many kinds of flowers you like to have on the tables. Just ensure they are on the same colors and blends once they are put together.

A wedding is always special no matter how small the reception venue is or how simple the theme you choose. As long as you throw the wedding tables with the best and right decorations it will be a magnificent event. You and your groom, with the help of your team, must have the excitement and joy to fill all the tables with goodies and stuff. That’s how things make it very easy and fun, which must be put in mind. Do not stress out yourself because that can ruin the confidence and passion you have in making beautiful wedding tables.


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