Wedding Preparation – Chasing Sunrises and Sunsets

The countdown has started since you have that stunning gleaming ring on your finger. Everyone close to you and your now-called groom is happy to hear the good news. That simply means there are people you have known some years of your life who are looking forward to attending and celebrating your most joyous event. With that said, it’s time to get started with the most daunting part of wedding, the preparation. As you prepare, you have to be aware that you are literally going to chase sunrises and sunsets. Every minute counts so don’t waste any second if possible especially that a wedding is a very special event that is planned for weeks. To help you out, here are reminders and suggestions to consider.

Begin with the Budget

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One of the biggest and top priorities that every soon-to-be groom and bride should take into consideration is their wedding budget. The groom and the bride should manage their wedding budget as this can do well with the expenses in their wedding preparation. It is actually common that a wedding is very expensive. That is why most engaged couples are making a budget plan prior to their wedding. This is very important because your estimated budget will dictate the materials and stuffs for wedding that you need to buy. The list has not yet started of what to prepare but each one of them is going to be accounted to your budget. And the reason why it’s termed “budget” is to spend your financial resources within the amount you have planned. It means do not try to over exceed it but better limit and if possible save more.

Pick Out the Theme

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Another essential thing that the groom and the bride have to prioritize is deciding what kind of ceremony and reception they want. That practically pertains to the theme of the special occasion. Most couples are aware in regard to this, whether they have or don’t have a wedding planner. Besides, planning a wedding always depend on the theme from the color to the style.

You need a list of themes to select from just in case you have not yet anything in mind. This is an assignment of both the bride and the groom. It has to be mutually chosen so the process of planning everything is much easier.
Don the Dress

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Traditionally, white is the basic color of any wedding regardless of the theme. Most brides wear plain white wedding dress. It symbolizes purity although not all couples are in that trend anymore. Perhaps, there is also another representation of the color white in a wedding. Anyhow, as far as marriage ceremony is concerned, white is not easy to replace.

While the bride basically wears a white gown, the groom has his own choice of color but depends on the theme. This same applies with the wedding attire of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers. So, there’s nothing difficult to deal with the bride’s dress. You only have to think of the color scheme to be able to come up with the color of the groom, his groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

Go to the Venue

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Two of the most popular choices of location where engaged couples marry are the church and the beach. Some even exchange vows in a church, while they celebrate the party on the seashore. For others, they choose non-traditional venues such as the garden, countryside, barn, and hotel restaurant. Regardless of what you both pick, make sure the location is available to have on the day you want to get married. You also think of the kind of season and climate so it won’t ruin the beautiful ambiance of the place.

Have a Clergyman

Speaking of the location, anywhere you would like to get hitched won’t matter if there’s no one to legitimately acclaim you as husband and wife. Upon your wedding registration, it’s important that a clergyman, whether a priest, a pastor, a judge, etc. has to be considered. You need to choose and book one ahead of time to ensure your wedding is not in vain.

Invite People

You are probably more excited to list down all the people you want to see and celebrate with you during the most special event. Before you can make invitation cards, first you start with how many people to invite and who to invite. This also matters in choosing wedding foods and favors so you know just how much to prepare. Writing down who to invite is not difficult because it all comes down to the immediate family members, closest friends and important relatives. After you have the list completed, you may begin considering the invitations. It has to be distributed as early as possible so everyone invited would be also prepared for the occasion.

Select Decorations, Foods and Other Stuffs

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There are so much more to list down and prepare for your wedding. We haven’t really covered what’s in store for the reception. The things to keep in mind are the decorations, foods and beverages, which include the wedding cake, favors, and table centerpieces. You need to give time for each of these because they can be daunting to prepare, as a matter of fact. Be sure that you won’t miss anything of these to be able to have a great, fun and presentable party.

Wedding preparation can be an easy task if the groom and the bride are willing to listen to each other and consider their ideas ahead of time. It is all about tracking at the right time with ease, comfort and patience. When all of those are met, there’s no difficulty dealing with planning and preparing your special day. Overall, it would be a great experience you can add to the best moments to come yet. So, just take everything easy so you can relax while enjoying everything before the day arrives for you to marry the man you love and spend the rest of your life with.


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