How to Have that Perfect Wedding Cake

So you’re finally tying-the-knot, congratulations!  There’s no doubt that you would want everything to be perfect on your wedding day.  Of course, preparation is important to make sure that every single detail would be just you imagined it to be.  Have you taken the time to choose your gown, the venue, the guests who will be invited, and the motif?

So how about your wedding cake? Have you made decisions as to what kind of cake you would have on your most special day?  I know it might seem like a not very complicated task, but when you have to decide for all the other aspects of a wedding, choosing a cake might suddenly seem daunting. How would you know which cake would be best for your wedding?  You might want to consider some of these suggestions to make things a lot easier for you:

Focus on your theme.  The wedding cake need not always be round and white and tiered.  Today, there are so many different ideas for wedding cakes. From round cakes to square cakes, white to brightly colored cakes, plain to intricately decorated, from giant tired cakes, to cupcakes.  What’s most important is for you to choose the cake that complements the theme of your own wedding.  While a cake may look fabulous from the display or from the photo, you would want to focus on the design that best fits your occasion.  After all, it’s your wedding!

Set s definite budget. How much can you afford to spend on the cake?  Needless to say, the price would vary depending on the size and intricacy of design.  You would need some time to shop around and compare the costs as some bakers might be willing to offer discounts.  If you’re on a budget, a less complicated design is best.

Do the taste test.  Be sure to take the time doing taste tests.  Most bakers offer free-tasting sessions to clients.  Now this is a task that should be fun to do for both of you as a couple.  Even though the cake is plain and simple, you want to make sure that the taste would be divine.  Once again, consider the theme of your wedding and you might also want to go with a flavor that matches the season but of course, that’s up to you.   One word of caution, most wedding shops require at least a few months of reservation so you’d want to book for an appointment ahead of time, especially if you’re getting married at a peak season.Image Source : N03

Do it with cupcakes.  Currently, there is a trend among couples getting married who have opted for cupcakes, instead of the traditional wedding cake.  I believe that this option is so much more budget-friendly and did I mention, so adorable?  Seeing a tiered tray filled with frosted little cakes is too cute!  And of course, you won’t need to slice it for your guests because each guest can simply pick one sweet cake at a time.

Ask for help. If you have a friend or a relative who knows how to bake, then you are bound to save more money by having them take on this assignment instead of purchasing from a bakeshop.  And speaking of cupcakes, baking and decorating small cakes would be a lot easier to do than creating a tiered cake.  Your friend or relative would surely be happy to do this as a labor of love.  If I only know how to bake, I would volunteer to bake the cake for a friend or a family member.  That would be the sweetest wedding present, don’t you think?

Make sure the cake safely makes it to the table.  After choosing the flavor, the design, don’t forget to ask about the other details.  If you are purchasing from a cake shop, you will be required to pay the deposit and sign a contract.  Carefully read the details of the agreement.  Find out when the cake will be made prior to the wedding date, how the cake will be delivered, and at around what time the cake will arrive at the reception.  If there is anything in the agreement that you don’t understand or you’re not comfortable about, be sure to discuss it with the baker before signing the contract and leaving the place.

Have your cake and eat it too!  Surprisingly, I’ve heard of some couples who didn’t get the chance to enjoy their cake at their own wedding.  Now, don’t forget to set aside a few minutes in the wedding program for cake-cutting and for both of you to indulge in your cake.  Also, make sure that the cake itself, and the cake-cutting is on the list of your photographer’s tasks.  I think it is so absolutely a must for the newly-weds to take a pose with their wedding cake.  This is one tradition that you wouldn’t want to break.


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