Wedding Planning is Fun and Stressful but Take it Easy

Perhaps, your heart rate starts to beat faster than normal as you realize the big day is nearly approaching. That is very familiar to most women especially those who have been longing to wear a beautiful white dress while their dream man is waiting at the altar. That’s exactly how I felt most of the time since I was engaged up to the day I marched down the aisle.

Making a wedding plan involves mixed emotions. You will feel excited and happy but nervous and stressful at the same time. As far as you want to enjoy every moment of your preparation, you cannot avoid encountering hassles. However, it is important that you stay calm and remain excited for the most parts.

There are lots of things that you need to do in order to make your wedding successful and memorable. Let me share with you how to make your wedding planning goes smoothly, easy and less stressful. Here are 9 tips to remember when planning a good and beautiful wedding.

1. Make a List

The first and most common thing a couple needs to do is to have a checklist of the things to accomplish and do. Listing down everything about their wedding in advance is very much helpful. This list helps you avoid delays, prevent from forgetting something and make things easier. When my husband and I were preparing our wedding, we always took our own checklist with us wherever we go. It helped us a lot as we would just go over to the next things we needed to do or appointment to make.

2. Pick Out a Theme

The theme is the ingredient that makes wedding planned easier. You cannot start making invitations without a theme in mind. It is not possible to choose decorations if you do not have any theme yet. As of today, many themes for wedding events are available to choose from. When you and your partner are going to select, opt for a theme that describes your relationship or something that represents your mutual interests. When we got married, we chose an Asian-inspired theme simply because we have Asian ancestry.

3. Choose a VenueThe wedding’s venue is one very important aspect to think. This is, in fact, considered as a priority. The church for your wedding ceremony and the place for your reception must be listed first on your wedding planning. However, your theme will help you choose the right wedding venue. So, it is important to refer to the theme in choosing the right wedding venue.

One more thing is that you have to book venues as early as possible. Try to visit those venues and see if they make the criteria you are looking for before booking.

4. Select a Day and TimeImage Source : flissphil

The date is also important to think about. You do not just randomly select a day or time and say to your folks that you’re getting married. Everyone you need to invite and witness your wedding has to be informed about the date in advance. In choosing a date, ensure that it is flexible for the both of you and to your invited guests. Some people choose dates according to feng shui (which we did) and myths. Others select dates based on what makes their relationship significant or meaningful.

5. Send Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first thing you are going to prepare before your dream wedding dress, decorations or cake. Well, you cannot just give your invites to your relatives and friends a few days before the wedding. The sending or delivering of invitations has to be made beforehand. The typical duration to start sending save-the-date cards is 3 to 6 months before the chosen wedding date.

You won’t only concentrate on the schedule to distribute invitations. It is also essential that you focus on the appearance of the cards from cover to cover. My tip for you is to customize and make your own wedding invitations. Through this, you are able to express what your wedding is all about. Plus, it is cheaper to make invitations for wedding occasions as you only have to get cardboards, art tools and other accessories which you may add as embellishments.

6. List Down Guests and Participants

In wedding planning, the names of your guests and participants have to be thought about too. You must list all them down so you know who to see at the wedding. The participants include the best man, the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the flower girls and the ring bearer. Guests do not just refer to your college friends and co-workers. They also include your family and relatives.

7. Order Dresses

Now, let’s talk about the wedding dresses, which I’m sure makes you feel more excited. The bride usually chooses her wedding dress, while the groom decides on his own. For the wedding outfit of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can assign your maid of honor and best man in that regard. This makes things easier for you and your partner as you have to handle and prepare other things. Plus, it’s really the responsibilities of the maid of honor and best man to look for the right wedding dresses for the participants.

8. Deal with VendorsVendors refer to the business people you are going to deal with to cater the needs of your wedding. These include the videographers, photographers, musicians, DJs, food caterers, hair stylist, makeup artist and florist. This aspect of wedding planning is also another thing that you need to consider. You have to choose the right businesses or companies that can provide you all the wedding needs under a reasonable price.

9. Talk to a Clergyman

Do not forget how important a clergyman is to be included on your wedding planning list. Your marriage becomes void if you exchange vows without an eligible clergyman. You have to prioritize this as well and appoint one beforehand. With all the excitement and anticipation, we almost forgot to book a minister! It was not easy for us to find one because most of them were booked at the date of our wedding. Whew! Trust me; you do not want that kind of hassle especially if you think you have covered everything already but the most important one is forgotten. And oh, you must take care of the marriage license requirements and documents needed too.

Having a checklist of what to do is really helpful in planning a wedding. This kind of event requires a lot of things to be monitored, executed and accomplished. Make sure that you are able to cover everything. Of course, it is easier and more organized if you have a list of everything you need to do.


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