Wedding Shower Food – Satisfy the Cravings of the Bride and Her Guests

So, what’s the plan of the wedding shower food? Do you have anything in mind now or still trying to select a good one? You are probably here because you are not yet sure or no clue at all of which food to serve for the bride and her guests. As a maid of honor, you are given the privilege to prepare the bridal shower party and now you have to make a decision on the food to prepare. Well, this is not the time now to feel worried and very concerned because after reading the whole paragraphs, you would be able to decide which wedding shower food menu to select. You will not only learn examples of foods that you can consider but also tips on how to select ingredients and if you opt for food catering service. With that said, here are some wedding shower food ideas that you like to discover.

Match the Food to the Theme

The kind of wedding shower food to pick depends on the theme of the party. Have you chosen what the pre-wedding event’s theme would be? If not, then you start thinking and choosing so you can proceed to the details including the foods and beverages along with favors. This makes it easier for you to figure out the wedding shower food menu to prepare. Here are some samples of foods that are appropriate for a particular theme.

1. Tea Time Theme

A very famous bridal shower theme is the tea time or Victorian tea time theme. If this is the theme you want the wedding shower to have, the cuisine has to be European. You can have a mix of Irish and English foods if it’s a lunch or dinner party. Yet, the most common of all is to have some biscuits and bread matched with herbal or fruit teas. You can have these served for breakfast if the time of the party starts early and ends before 10am. That’s one example of how you are going to prepare wedding shower food according to the theme.

2. French Theme

The French theme is somewhat a general one but when you say French there’s only one culture to think about. It is easier to think of what decorations to put up and wedding shower food to serve. And what else can you think of when it comes to French cuisine? Those bread like baguette, ficelle and savory dishes like poulete frites, steak au poivre, steak frites (steak with fries on the side) and pot au feu (a beef stew with vegetables) then have some desserts like chocolate mousse or the famous fruit tart are the famous ones to have. This is also among the common wedding shower food ideas you can learn nowadays.

3. Asian Theme

Another cultural or destination-based theme for this kind of party is Asian theme. You may choose one particular Asian country or a mixture of two or more cultures from different places. The infamous Japanese theme is easier to identify because you can have some sushi paired with tea or wine. If it’s a Chinese theme, noodles like ramen are the favorite. Well, there are some good choices of wedding shower food to choose from if the theme is Asian inspired.

Choose the Time of the Party

The theme is not the only basis that can help you decide of the wedding shower food menu. The time must be also considered because you cannot have some lunch food if the time takes place as early as 7am. You cannot also have supper if the party has to start at 1pm. You need to select a good time whether it is breakfast time, lunch or dinner. That way you are able to determine what kind of foods to serve for everybody.

1. Breakfast

For the meal of the first course of the morning, heavy appetizers are more recommended. The list of wedding shower food includes muffins, cupcakes, sandwiches, French toast, egg rolls, and sunny side up egg with fried rice. You can choose one or mix some of good foods for breakfast.

2. Lunch

If the party happens at the middle of the day, you can serve light or heavy meals. Light wedding shower food must be something like sandwiches and barbecue, pasta and nachos or other chips, or burgers and fries. Heavy foods refer more to the blend of meat and vegetables like beef steak and green salad, baked potatoes with fried shrimp and rice.

2. Dinner

When it comes to a dinner bridal shower, there must be an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert, unless the theme is less formal like a pajama party or scavenger hunt themed party. Anyway, the wedding shower food menu is more flexible because there will be lots of choices. You can have some pasta and grilled meat plus fruit cake, rice with a mixed vegetable dish, salmon and a chocolate cupcake, steamed veggies with any meat dish of your choice plus a savoring ice cream.

Hire Caterers or Prepare Them YourselvesImage Source : allyaubry

Lastly, you must decide whether to have the wedding shower food served by a catering service company or you with some help from other bridesmaids. If you hire caterers, make sure there are more foods to handle or else you are wasting money because small and simple dishes can be easily prepared by a few people only. You can have caterers if there are lots of foods to prepare and a large number of people to serve. When you need a catering service then have another time to prepare this. It is not easy to find a good local business that offers food catering. You must make sure to get a reputable company that serves the best and most delicious wedding shower food but affordable or more reasonable to pay. In contrast, the best time to prepare foods yourselves is if the party does not have to be loaded with so many foods on the table. If this is a tea time bridal shower party then you can easily prepare all the food and drinks by yourself. This is another aspect of learning wedding shower food ideas which you must consider.

Do you have an idea now regarding which wedding shower food to choose for the party? From the given ideas and suggestions, you surely have. You only have to make it a final decision to start preparing all the things that must be taken care of. It’s going to be an exciting stuff to do but it can be also risky and nerve-wracking. You want to guarantee that you can satisfy the cravings of the attendees and most especially the bride herself. She and her guests must be able to enjoy the chosen wedding shower food as much as they would have fun all throughout the time of the party. So, what else are you waiting for now? You have to start moving and planning in creating the most scrumptious wedding shower food menu! If you are able to impress everybody with the food, then it’s a great, successful party you would ever make.


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