Wedding On Halloween – Decoration Ideas and Tips

Getting married on the last day of October or the eve of November 1 is quite a spooky, fun and unique way to celebrate your love together. While this may be odd to a lot of people, it is an out of the norm event that everyone could enjoy, especially the couple who choose to be different. Actually, there are a whole lot of exciting ideas to incorporate into a Halloween wedding. Here are some brilliant suggestions with series of tips included that you certainly want to know.



Obviously, there are only three colors for a Halloween themed wedding. These are white, black, and orange. You can combine all three colors or a combination of two, whether black and white, white and orange, or black and orange. These are the usual palette but you may add other shades, especially dark colored ones, like violet and bloody red.


For the cards to give to your relatives, friends, and guests, there are hundreds, and probably thousands of ideas. But we won’t identify each and every one of those. So, here are choices that are narrowed down:

1. Black and White Save the Date Card
2. Carnival Halloween Card
3. Skull Printed Card
4. Pumpkin Card
5. Small Pumpkin
6. Rolled Paper Stuck in a Skull



There are also numerous wedding dress ideas for the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It is not necessarily about wearing scary costumes, because that won’t look so good at all. The basic detail of a traditional wedding must still be obvious somehow.

The bride can wear a white gown with black accents plus a black veil. The groom can simply don on a black tuxedo with a much longer tail of his coat, to make it look like a dracula attire.

Orange ribbons, bows, and laces are beautiful options to accentuate the dresses of your bridesmaids and flower girls. The little girls can also have black chiffon. flowery headband. For the boys, they can still wear the usual wedding suits but with, orange tie or bow, with or without vest.


Makeup and Hairstyle

Again, this event should not be a Halloween party, but a wedding celebration. That implies the makeup and hairdos must be elegant and beautiful just like other weddings. The amount of eye shadow and mascara should not be thick. The cheeks must still be painted blush pink and lips with cherry red lipstick.

For hairstyle, the best choice is updo, particularly Victorian style. Have a few strands permed to make a beautiful style. With this kind of hair, the bride can showcase her birdcage veil.


Pumpkins, whether real or handmade, are the most obvious choice of décor to use for this particular wedding theme. They can be hanged in a tree, since it is basically fall season, and displayed on tables. It is not also a bad idea if you can put some on the pathway with candles inside for a, especially if the wedding takes place at sunset or night time.

Garland of leaves, candy corn tassel, or orange ribbons are other decorations you may set up on the location of your wedding. These are beautiful details for a Halloween wedding, especially at the area where reception party is held.

Add more black and orange accents from the entrance to the photo booth, walls to ceilings, and tables to chairs. Seat cushions in these colors are ideal to use as well. The chairs can be plain black with orange bows tied at the back. The tables may be covered in white linen with some ruffles of black or orange.

Table Centerpieces

Table Centerpieces

Flower arrangements on tables won’t make much different. There’s no such thing as black roses or other flowers, so any colors and types are a great choice. But you have to match flowers together that you put on tables.

Add beautiful flowers with creepy items, such as small pumpkins, red velvet cake with a coffin on top or cake pop balls that are designed as skulls. These are actually favors that can still be displayed as additional centerpieces.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake can be of any flavor as long as it looks Halloween on the outside. However, it would be nice to have a pumpkin as the main ingredient for the cake. But this is up to you and your future spouse if you like the flavor or opt for other.

Halloween Props

Photo Booth Halloween Props

Your guests won’t be coming with creepy and scary costumes. That would be a perfect Halloween picture right. But since no one will be on a zombie outfit, mummy or ghost attire, provide essential Halloween tools that are going to be useful for the photo booth. Many of your friends and loved ones would have fun having them around as they smile in front of the camera.


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