5 Persian Wedding Inspired Ideas

You may not be of Persian blood but your partner is. Or perhaps, you are 1/3 or 2/3 Persian. Maybe, there is no ancestry from the race at all. But you want to add some elements on your wedding that are Persian inspired. That’s a great option as there are many beautiful ideas that you can get from this culture, including foods. Here are some suggestions that you may want to add for your special day.

Vintage Styled

1. Vintage Styled Venue

If you like the Persian culture to be noticeable on the wedding, it must be showcased right in the location of the ceremony and reception. You can select a place that is designed with vintage interiors. That is an ideal venue for a Persian inspired wedding. The walls can be built of wood but not painted with other hues but laminated to sustain the natural color of the material. The ceiling should be highlighted with chandeliers.

2. Elegant Invitations

The cards to send out to guests should make them guess of what kind of wedding you will be having. Because Persian culture is not uncommon to some people, it won’t be difficult to realize the theme. Usually, the designs that indicate Persian tradition and custom are full of shapes and colors, like kaleidoscope. That must be the style of prints of the card paper to use for the invitations.

Carpets and Curtains

3. Carpets and Curtains

Instead of the usual white aisle, you can use a Persian styled carpet. This makes it more unique and the tradition that you want to add is more obvious. Not many Western weddings do use this kind of element unless one of the couple is a Persian descendant. Add related element in the curtains that you can use to cover windows or create an altar.

Golden Bowls

4. Candles, Money and Golden Bowls

Another way where guests can see and feel the Persian atmosphere on your wedding is the table centerpiece. It is probably a good idea if you use ancient coins, most especially if they are Persian money, which is Iranian rial. Fill a golden bowl with the cheapest rial coins. Add candles nearby for additional style. The combination of coins and candles plus gold color can imply Persian tradition.

Sofreh-Ye Aghd

5. Sofreh-Ye Aghd

A very common Persian tradition that is used in marriage celebration is Sofreh-Ye Aghd. This is a wedding spread that highlights objects, such as flowers, fruits and spices, that symbolize the things the newlyweds want for their marriage. This should be included, especially at the reception part, if you and your partner want to include some Persian culture in your own wedding. You can hand paint eggs, sprinkle the table with petals and fill the space with bowls of fruits, spices, and other objects you both want.

Persian inspired wedding is such a beautiful choice. The elements and details on the wedding from the start of the ceremony to the reception are stunning pieces. They can absolutely create a very unique and cultural, yet memorable moment that the newlyweds will cherish and their guests can appreciate.

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