5 Simple Tips in Choosing Wedding Registry

With all the technological advancement, future newlyweds can now make a wedding wishlist through the Internet. Anything from home appliances to honeymoon destinations can be requested online. That is possible by joining a wedding registry. Now that you are about to engage in a matrimonial ceremony with the love of your life, here are pointers in choosing registry for wedding gifts.

Know What You Need

Before you start scouting for the best wedding registry online, it is best to list what you need, and probably want, too. Part of the reason why brides and grooms go for registry is to avoid getting unwanted and unnecessary items. With this option, you can certainly help and narrow down the choices of your guests in choosing gifts for your wedding event.

Check the Products and Brands Available

One major help to easily select an online registry is to focus on the products and items offered. Are most of the things you need found in that registry? Do the items are manufactured from well-known brands? Ask these questions and answer them to find the right one where you and your future spouse can register your dream wedding gifts.

Compare Prices

From one registry to another, the price may vary. You probably have two or three best choices of web stores for wedding gifts. They may have the same items you are looking for. It is through the cost that can make all the difference. This helps you choose much easier, too.

Choose a Registry or a Retailer that Delivers Straight to Your Home Address

Some retailers do not send gifts to the address you designate for shipping. This can be a hassle if you still have to pick them in a post office, from a nearby store, or anywhere but your house. To avoid this, it is an easy choice to select an online registry or retailer that ships you those gifts straight to your home.

Look at Essential Information

Other things that you must check when trying to select a wedding registry are the contact numbers and online payment options. To convince your guests that it is convenient and hassle-free to buy gifts at the chosen registry, they must be able to purchase in just a single click, and not to go out to find the nearest store to get them. Also, there must a free toll number and customer support included, so, they can ask questions or clarify things anytime when needed.

Read the Policy and Agreement

There are terms and conditions to comply with when you make a list of dream wedding gifts through registry. Most of the time retailers allow customers to return items within a short period of time whenever needed. This should be a good consideration as well. You do not want to get a lot of the same items and cannot return them because of “no return” policy, or the days allowed to send them back are already due. In addition, there has to be a reliable tracking system that informs you if someone purchases one of your wishlist items. For other else, refer to the document before agreeing and continuing processing your registry account.

Confirm the Length of Time the Registry List to Remain Active

While it is usually recommended to start making a registry before the wedding date, you still have to make sure the retailer allows your list to remain active for a year or two after the day you get married.

See Perks and Discounts

Good retailers actually offer 5 to 10% discounts after the completion of date on the registry. You have to select one that provides you the eligibility of some perks like this for at least 60 to 90 days after the last day or wedding date you specify.

Choosing a wedding registry is much easier if you have these things in mind. The goal here is to find the best retailer that gives you whatever you need and wish for as wedding gifts. At the same time, you also have to think of the convenience your guests would get in buying those items. As a result, most, or probably all, of the items your wish to have will be sent to your home.


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