Recycled Items to Use as Wedding Decorations

Do you want to know some options about cutting expenses for your most anticipated wedding? Is there a way to limit a budget for a wedding but still make it memorable? Well, there are plenty of options on how you can save some money for your own wedding. One general way to do is to use some items and materials that are recycled. In fact, a lot of couples who are tying the knot have used recycled decorations. Well, this does not mean you borrow the table centerpieces used at the wedding of your best friend last year. It means you try to be resourceful and creative as much as possible so you can limit your visit to different stores.Image Source :PDP

Organizing a wedding truthfully involves tough planning and long preparation. It is a process that is executed for several months at most of the time of your every single day. However, this must not make you feel stressed and feel pressured. The excitement and happiness you have since the day you are engaged must be the key factors that would push you to try your very best just to have a wonderful wedding. So, what we were discussing, a wedding does not have to be very expensive. You can spend a big amount of money for the ring and dress but for others is your way of shelling out cheaply. The one area of a wedding where you must really try to spend less is the decorations. If you want to deal with nice and friendly budget expense, recycling items for your wedding is a solution.

Making your wedding beautiful without paying too much on the decorations can really help you manage your budget wisely. All you have to do is to let your creativity and resourcefulness work together. To be honest, I used to reuse some decorations we set up for birthdays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s party and even special dinner. Likewise, you can try to think of some party decorations you have stored in your garage which can be useful for your wedding. Well, let me help you think of those things just in case you really have them in your own house and maybe some people can give you of their used items too.

1. CandlesImage Source :donabelandewen

Scented or not scented, candles can be very ideal for a second time use for a wedding event. You can find different kinds of candles in a variety of colors at local stores but at check yours if they can still be usable for your wedding. Perhaps, you may only trim a little just to remove the part that has been used and reform it as if it is new again. Just collect as many as you can and add some ribbons that match the wedding them. Before you know it, you have tons that are useful for as decorations. That can solve one of the decorations you need to set up for the ceremony at the altar or the tables during the reception party.

2. Boxes

Boxes are great raw materials for a lot of things for a wedding celebration. You can use them on the table as part of the centrepieces. You can make short but wide box then just paint them with the color scheme of your wedding to make them match and fill in with soil and flowers dip in it. You can also use boxes, especially those that are thin, as card names of your guests on the tables. Well, there are plenty of ways of how you can use boxes as decorations for a wedding event.

3. Curtains

Yes, curtains that are not quite used and hanged on your windows can be useful too. Before you throw or donate them, think again if they can be ideal to use as wedding decorations. You can cut them in thin, long strips so they can become ribbons which you can tie on your party favors, add to your personalized wedding invitations or even bows of your bridesmaids’ dresses! That would be so fun and unique, then no one would ever guess they are made out of your old curtains. Just be sure to clean them up to make them look and smell new.

4. Hangers

Do you have extra hangers in your closet that you can use as wedding decorations? Well, since you are going to move in to a new house soon, you probably have new stuffs to use as well. If that is the case, use some of your old hangers to be part of your decorations on your wedding day. You can use them where you hang those red hearts cut from used cardboards or boxes, glue them with shells or anything you do not need to buy. That is another way on how to save some money when decorating your most special day.

5. Disposable Plates and CupsImage Source :nyc

You probably have some small and casual parties prior to the wedding or even before you engaged wherein you have used disposable cups and plates. Those are items too which are good to reuse for another party like your wedding. Oh, this does not mean that you have to use them to serve foods for your guests. We are talking about recycling here so that means you use them for another function. In the case of a wedding, many options to select from on how disposable plates and cups become useful. First, you can use plates as the header at the stage where your names are written like each plate is a single letter until your first name is complete. Secondly, you can use plastic cups as flower vases, well only for those small ones that you can display on tables. Again, they can be added table centerpieces!Image Source :Adam

Materials that you can find at your very own basement, garage and backyard are sometimes useful. You just have to let your creativity sparks and you will be able to make new things that can provide a way for you to save money at the end of the day. These five kinds of items are some of those things that you normally and frequently see in your house. To have enough, scout from your family and friends so they can donate. They may be skeptical at first and think this idea is not going to pay out but once they see the results, they will be completely stunned and speechless. If you haven’t listed down things that you have to use as decorations for your wedding, it is the perfect time and not yet too late to switch on opting for recycled items. Plus, the duration of time you have left is probably sufficient to prepare all those things too.

Just have plenty of resources and help from people who are willing to give assistance, especially your maid of honor or best man, and have fun preparing stuffs. This is also one way to have such great moments with them which can be added to your memories until the day you are going to be officially marrying the love of your life. Trust me, it will be worth it in terms of saving money and adding precious moments to your personally.


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