Mother of the Bride Speech – What Else Can You Possibly Say

Your once little girl dancing as a ballerina has turned into a princess swaying her beautiful white dress. It’s like only yesterday when you’re holding her as a delicate, gentle baby. Now, she’s going away to walk out with a man she will spend the rest of her life with. You have nothing in mind but to refresh all those past memories that you have witnessed and shared together. That’s totally okay because it’s very natural to think and feel that way. While you are getting emotional, try to express that on your speech – the mother of the bride speech.

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Wedding speeches are not just ordinary speeches because each word means a lot. The mother of the bride speech is one of the most important speeches that most wedding guests are waiting for. Being the parent, expressing your love is based on natural feelings and that can help make the speech so beautiful.

Some guests do anticipate the mom of the bride to read her nice and meaningful message that is primarily addressed to her lovely daughter as well as to her handsome husband. Well, they are both stars of the night so do not forget to include the groom as well. Even the bride and groom are expecting you to give nice and memorable wedding speech that can make them stand out and feel they are important to you. So, don’t even let your mother of the bride speech becomes a disaster.

It is necessary to research on how to compose a wedding speech, particularly a mother of the bride speech. You will need lots of considerations to make a wedding speech meaningful and memorable to the couple and to the entire guests.

Short, Simple but Sweet

One of the most important considerations that you should meet and know in composing your mother of the bride speech is keep it as short as possible. Remember, that a very long wedding speech can make the audience feel exhausted and bored. Plus, you are not the only privileged person to talk and give a speech. There will be others too, which you probably know already.

Funny and Interesting

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In addition, you can easily make your wedding speech livelier by adding nice stories, funny jokes and meaningful quotes. Start your wedding speech with a joke but must be related to your wedding, relationship of the couple, or your connection to your daughter. Keep the next sentences to be interesting so you can have the eyes of the couple, especially your daughter, and the audience.

Meaningful and Heart-Warming

A meaningful message that comes from the mother of the bride can make the bride’s heart melt. Make sure you include unforgettable memories of your daughter. However, choose only memories that can make the bride stand out during her most special day. She needs to feel more important and happy with the words you are giving to her in front of her new husband and loved ones. This is going to be something you both would cherish as well.


Do not forget to mention the guests when delivering your speech. A sentence or two for thanking them for supporting and celebrating with you all is enough. In all wedding speeches, thanking everybody is a must. The bride and the groom do not only have to be the people to show gratitude. Even the parents of the couple have to do that regardless.

Extending and expressing your thanks to the participants of the wedding can make them important as well. Do not also forget to welcome the groom to your family and acknowledging his family and his relatives.

Special Advice

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The most important part of your mother of the bride speech and the much awaited moment within those 5 minutes is your special advice to your daughter. Give a simple advice regarding her new relationship. This is the core of your speech since you are the mother of the beautiful bride.

Each of these tips and suggestions are your best guideline in making not only a simple mother of the bride speech but the best and most memorable one. What you only have to do is to have enough time preparing the speech because you may need a few corrections in order to make it really a special one.


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