Father of the Bride Speech – Just Simple Rules to Remember

Congratulations for becoming not only a loving dad all throughout those years, but also a proud father of the bride. You feel happy too as she is going to move on to a new chapter of her life. It is just the beginning of her adulthood so it’s important that you need to support her along the way. One simple way to show that is to prepare and deliver a good father of the bride speech.

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Father of the bride speech is one of the very important speeches on a wedding. This is also among the much awaited speeches. The couple and several of their guests, including the groom’s family are going to anticipate some words from you.

So, as the father of the bride, it is really necessary to make your wedding speech appropriate. How to make a father of the bride speech is what you need to ask and find an answer in order to have a very memorable speech. A handful of tips can guide you to create an outstanding wedding speech from the bride’s father.

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It is just the beginning of her adulthood so it’s important that you need to support her along the way. One simple way to show that is to prepare and deliver a good father of the bride speech.It is just the beginning of her adulthood so it’s important that you need to support her along the way. One simple way to show that is to prepare and deliver a good father of the bride speech.t is just the beginning of her adulthood so it’s important that you need to support her along the way. One simple way to show that is to prepare and deliver a good father of the bride speech. These three parts of a wedding speech will surely help you organize the things you need to say.

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How to start your father of the bride wedding speech? It would be nice to start it with a joke that is related to a wedding or marriage. If you are not comfortable with that, a good quote that’s something worth remembering or pondering onto is not a bad choice either. The only point here is to make an excellent introduction to get the attention of your daughter, her groom and the entire audience.

Humorous and interesting contents are the ingredients of the body of the wedding speech. After announcing all important people on your daughter’s wedding, it is your time to create a little serious massage directed toward your daughter as well as to her groom. Every father has some stories to share on a very special day like a daughter’s wedding. Remember there are many things that can make the good mood of your daughter more worth picturing. So, it is important to know what can melt your daughter’s heart. The least thing you must do is to disappoint her. That is why it is important to have some tips that can guide you in making your wedding speech.

How to end your wedding speech with a great applause from the listeners? Don’t make your end part very obvious. This means that you put an interesting way to finalize your speech. Customarily speaking, after giving unforgettable stories and humor, you give a toast as your best wishes to them. However, it is important that you give a few lines of marital advice and life’s first. This is the most important part of every wedding speech, especially from the message of a loving and caring father.

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Once you are in the moment to begin your epic speech, take a deep breath, feel relaxed to get all the confidence you need and express yourself. These can help you make things naturally that eventually wrap up a beautiful father of the bride speech. These tips are very simple but not difficult to do either so just keep remembering them as they are the rules needed to follow. As a result, you will be able to render a speech that can make people get off their feet and stand to give you a round of applause.


  1. This was my guide when I needed a help to make a good father of the bride speech for my daughter’s second wedding. After being divorced for 2 years, she found a better man, I assume. Remembering back her first wedding, I messed up with the speech so I wanted to make it up this time and probably make a good luck to her wedding. Even though I feel so many emotions that night, I finished my father of the bride speech with a humble heart. Thanks to the tips that I read here. It helped me avoid common faults and rather gave me more confidence to deliver a much better speech.

  2. Thank you for this guideline! It will help me make a good and a memorable father of the bride speech. I might not prove it now but this post makes sense how a father of the bride speech should be written. I look forward to that day that my daughter is going to feel my sincerity and love. For the both of us, it will be one of the most unforgettable moments we can share together. I’ve never been in public speaking and presenting this wedding speech is the first one. Based on reading this I think I’ll do fine. I’m crossing my fingers but I believe my confidence matters a lot as that what it takes for me to execute all these tips to make my speech really the best one my daughter could ever hear.

  3. I wonder why you should disregard tips about writing father of the bride speeches like the posted here when they are easy to understand. It took me only one time to read all of these and I was able to compose a copy of my own father of the bride speech. I don’t think it is difficult to do it as well as long as they are reliable tips. Beginners like me won’t find anything difficult about what are explained here.

  4. Giving out a father of the bride speech is an emotional task. For me it was when I made the first wedding speech on behalf of my daughter and her groom during their wedding a few years ago. That day in September was one of the best years of my life after some time. That was also the most stressful day because of the father of the bride speech. At first I thought I couldn’t do it. That’s the time nerves attacked me. I didn’t want to make a bad message to my daughter and my son-in-law. I was also worried about the audience if I might not entertain them. These were some of the questions that came to my mind. Luckily, I browsed the Internet to find father of the bride speech examples and I found this short, simple and easy to understand article. It was really helpful in a way that I organized my speech within 20 minutes.

  5. While most men do, I won’t ever forget to include and honor the groom on my wedding speech. It’s not fair if a wedding speech by a father of the bride only talks about his daughter. It is not a birthday or a debut party of woman but a celebration of two people uniting and marrying each other. I’ve heard some fathers fail to do that when they give wedding speeches. When my time to give that special message on a wedding event, I made sure the groom had a special mention. He approached me an hour after I gave my speech and felt welcomed for the first time although he had been visiting me and my family for years. It’s the moment wherein he really felt happy to be part of our family.

  6. 48 hours were not enough for me to make a perfect wedding speech. There’s a time to read examples, scan some tips and figure out what to really tell. I had worries how to complete my father of the bride speech. I was lucky though that one of my friends recommended this site. He told me there’s plenty of tips I could read within an hour and he was right. It took me only less than 3 hours to do all of those from reading tips to writing my final draft.

  7. Thinking about making father of the bride speech for the first time, I felt that I was totally blind who couldn’t see the light that could give me easiness. Not a long time ago when I realized that I needed an appropriate tip to make a wonderful message to my daughter. I found out this Best Father of the Bride Speeches tips and I didn’t doubt it. At first, it wasn’t clear but I scanned other pages until I understood what the examples were trying to point out. To make it short, the special night in which I delivered the speech was a challenging event as it consisted with mixed emotion – laughter and tears. I ended up giving a successful delivery, in other words.

  8. I am a father of two beautiful girls, now women of course, and one of them got married 5 months ago. Like other fathers, I would do anything to make this kind of event a very special day. Something that I would compliment to my daughter and to her groom on her wedding day was one of my biggest priorities. What to write and how to begin my speech were the questions that crossed my mind. With the help of my wife, she recommended me to visit this site. To my surprise, there were lots to read about fathers of the bride speeches. I found great reliable tips that helped me compose a good speech. I have no regrets spending some hours gather information and learning things from this site.

  9. It was a joyful night when I stood up to give my speech and toast. Many of my daughter’s friends and relatives of the groom came to congratulate me for the wonderful speech I gave. Their reception and appreciation were proofs that I did not make a mistake getting tips from this website, father of the bride speeches .com. The moment I shared my speech were all tears and laughter. Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the joyous moment of the lives of my daughter and her husband. I’m glad that my speech was a part that made it more enjoyable.

  10. This is my favorite so far! I’ve read many of your posts here but this one is probably the best for me because it pointed some things that are sometimes overlooked. For more than 30 years I’ve attended and witnessed wedding celebrations. A lot of them forgot to include the groom, or some were too serious and couldn’t even make humor. It’s probably time to avoid doing those things. I’ll forward this to my brother whose daughter is going to exchange vows in a few months. He’ll surely love reading this too and probably more than I did because I know he needs it badly.


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