Vintage Lace Wedding Dress – Go Back in Time in Style!

So, you have decided to wear a vintage lace wedding dress. Not all brides dream to wear a vintage styled dress for their wedding. They would rather have the newest and most modern styles of bridal gowns. Well, a vintage wedding dress does not mean that it has to be created way back in time. It is not easy to find old that were sewn centuries ago. Plus, they won’t definitely look good unless the last time it was worn is a year or two prior. The truth is that the vintage lace wedding dresses referring here are those that are newly made but designed in a classic style. There is a unique elegance of vintage wedding gowns and dresses that’s why they are becoming more popular as time flies by. Let’s explore some time that already passed and relive the fashion and style into this modern in order to have an idea of what your dream vintage bridal dress would be.

The 1920s to the 1930s

The kind of vintage lace wedding dress during the third and fourth decade of the 20th century was very simple. There were no embellishments at all so it was pretty a plain white dress without any special adornments at all. If there was, it was not as noticeable as today’s fashion. The type of fabric used was light and silky. That’s why if you choose a vintage bridal dress from these decades you must choose a silk material with some gold accents on it. You can still opt to have one that belongs to the category of vintage lace wedding dresses by having laces somewhere on the dress.

The 1940s

Bridal dresses during the 1940s became more improved and a little bit fashionable compared to the last two decades. This was actually the time wherein films and photographs were more vulgar. There were more skin but the wedding dresses remained conservative. The only difference it made was that there were more designs available. It was not only about the simple, full length vintage lace wedding dress. Embellishments started to appear more and ball gowns design were among the favorite. The fabric material was not only about silk but also cotton and satin.

The 1950s and 1960s

The 5th and 6th decade of the 20th century was the start of the short bridal dresses. The choices back then were not only the vintage lace wedding dress and full length wedding dress. The cocktail design dresses were introduced. Furthermore, the A-line or princess style was launched. Brides looked cuter and more adorable with that kind of dress at these times. As time flew by, the creations became more showy and daring.

The 1970s

The daring style of both lace and cotton bridal dresses became less famous when 1970 began. The wearing of the simple vintage lace wedding dress came back once again. The sleeves were longer and more flourishing to look at. The waist and bust line became lousier. However, the overall changes were more fashionable and definitely made the mark of the year. Almost everybody now has an idea of what kind of dresses come to mind when the year 1970s is stated.

From the style of the 1920s to the 1970s, you can have the option to find one of the ready-made vintage lace wedding dresses available or have it customized by any designer of your choice. If you like to find a good one at a local boutique of bridal dresses and gowns, you must know the secrets of discovering it. Here are some tips for you that can help you with your search.

The Internet Search

If you are looking for a nice collection of a very specific vintage lace wedding dress, the Internet is a good option for you. Because of the advancement of modern technology, anyone can get ideas and seek information through online. Nowadays, designers and suppliers of bridal dresses around the world promote their creations on the net. Wherever you are, you can definitely check out some of the latest vintage lace wedding dresses. It helps you a lot easier and more accurate in time when you gather ideas of the dream bridal dress you want to wear.

You can try the search engines of famous sites like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Bing to find your personal style of a vintage lace wedding dress. However, when you do this, be sure to have a note with you so you can list down the specifics. You must choose the style of neckline, waist, skirt length and other factors that come up with the overall style. This also assists you in writing down the site, designer name and cost which are important to take a look at when you you’re your final decision. The reason is because you have to match the design and style according to the details especially if you want your dress to be made by a local wedding gown maker.

Unfortunately, buying a vintage lace wedding dress online is never a good option. Photographs can be deceptive and the quality is not always accurate. You must deal with a dress that has good durability and provide comfort. You can only concentrate on the design and style but the quality is the most important to consider. You will never know how good the material is and how really beautiful the style of the dress unless you see it firsthand. It is recommended that you are able to touch and most especially, wear it to ensure you have the right size.

The Visiting of StoresIt is very important to have an idea on the specifications of your dream vintage lace wedding dress. But once you have made your choice of those factors, you can now schedule a day and time to visit different bridal shops. This is when you really have to select the right and most fitting dress for your wedding. With the list of those specifics, your task becomes very easy to achieve. Before you explore, ensure to have your prospects of stores on your list too. This makes it more convenient for you to map out where to go first then to the next until the last. It can surely save time and avoid having more stresses. If this works out successfully, you would have an enjoyable time discovering one of the beautiful vintage lace wedding dresses there is. This result can possibly happen too when you look for fabric if you prefer having your dress designed by a dressmaker.

Remember to plan your search of your most dreamed wedding dress. Now that you know the styles of a possible vintage lace wedding dress to have, take the time to arrange what you need to do. It is essential to prepare ahead of time so you cannot spend minutes of your time that can be only wasted or give you pressure to handle. A bride must have the day filled with excitement looking for her dress and not to make her feel disappointed or stressed. So, have fun with your search of the bridal dress that you are going to don on the most special day of your life.


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