Is Sunrise Wedding a Good Idea?

Many couples choose to get married as the sun sets. Only a few get to tie the knot when the sun rises. Don’t you think it is such a good idea to have the marriage ceremony early in the morning? It seems to be a fantastic idea and a unique way to exchange your “I dos”.

It is Cheaper

Getting married at dawn is less expensive than what you think. That is because you have to serve breakfast, instead of dinner. Every person who gets to witness and take a seat at the reception does not have to be fully loaded. Admit it or not, you also know that. So, you can just prepare some sandwiches and bread, or a delicious soup with some fruits on the side. Plus, you do not have to serve some wine or champagne, unless you want to. But who would really take a sip of those drinks early in the morning? They probably prefer orange juice, hot chocolate or Brazilian coffee instead.

Location is not a Problem

A sunset wedding is usually held on a beach. It is not easy to see the sun sets if you are in other places. For a sunrise wedding, it is the other way around. As a matter of fact, you can choose from any venues, but must be at the right location, and has to be in the east part.

The venue for a sunrise wedding can be on a ground level or a much higher one. For a ground level, it can be from anywhere. You may have the ceremonial part in a restaurant, a hotel’s function hall, a park, or a garden with a large view of the rising of the sun. If you want somewhere that is a little bit high, it can be in a rooftop of a building, in a hill or on a small mountain top.

A Few People Around

Another explanation why a sunrise wedding is usually cheaper is because you do not have to invite a lot of guests. You can only send invitation cards to your family, closest relatives and friends. Besides, it is too difficult to gather more than a hundred people at this early time of the morning. Not all would be happy to join if they have to go to the venue between 4 to 5am.

One thing you must consider for this kind of wedding is to have in a place where most of your guests are nearby. It is probably much better if they can stay in the same place, so they just have to take a few walks to enter the exact place where they can witness you exchanging your vows.

Strict Instructions and Advice

This does not only apply to your guests and participants, but also to you and your future spouse. You make sure that no one goes out for a drink the night before your wedding. This can cause a major problem to wake up. Everyone needs to really sleep as early as possible, in order to get up in the morning without hesitation or feeling tired still. In addition, you take some extra way that can help them wake up earlier. They need to have an hour or more to prepare. You can assign some people to do the wake-up call, so no one is late.

The risk of chasing the sunrise for a wedding ceremony is the time and climate. You need to carefully choose a date, time and location, with the best temperature to see the shining sun. It would be a waste of time preparing everything if you miss the sunrise.

Who cares waking up early in the morning just to witness this beautiful day of yours? Everyone needs to deal with this, since this is your wedding. They must just go with it and support it, regardless of the time.


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