5 Unique and Brilliant Ideas to Add on Your Wedding

The brides marching on the aisle, the kissing of the couple, the first dance, and the raising of glasses are expected on a wedding. These are some of the traditional parts of how a bride and a groom tied the knot. There is nothing wrong if you can do a little non-traditional by adding some new elements on this very special day. They may entertain and wow your guests. Here are some unique but beautiful and fantastic suggestions that you may consider.

1. Hand Mime Black Light Presentation

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At the reception, there are pretty much things to do other than letting your guests enjoy your food and listen to speeches. But why keep it that formal if you can entertain them with a new and uncommon presentation through hand mimes? It won’t have to be long and extravagant. Just choose a love song for the musical background and ask volunteers about 10 of them to present. A 2 to 3-minute presentation won’t even consume a lot of time, so it’s a good option to add, right?

2. Breaking of Plates

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Who says that the Greeks are the only ones who can toss and throw ceramic or glass plates? This should be a fun and interesting to do when you get married. But you need to have a good reason why this is included on the ceremony, because if you, two, are not Greeks, then your guests won’t even understand why.

3. Escort Card Touchscreen

Guests usually find their names at the entrance on a wall or a large display of paper cards to know what table seat they belong. There are thousands of ways to make escort cards, but why go for the old school if you can use a more technological means? Tablets or a large touchscreen monitor can be a spectacular device to use for this. It makes your guests easily find their seats, too.

4. Raffle Contest

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You can also conduct a game that every guest, including children, would love. A raffle contest in which they drop their names written on paper in a box or grab a random number from the choices is a fun game. Anytime, you can pick winners and let some people go home with happy faces. Be sure that you give some incredible prizes, too, but not necessarily expensive or too fancy.

5. Live Music Performance of a Famous Artist

So, there’s going to be music and dancing. In lieu of a local band or DJ, book one of the international and very popular artists out there. It can cost a lot as they charge way too higher than the average booking fees. You may request for one song or two if you do not want to spend much of your wedding expenses just for this. Yet, it is a brilliant idea that can make a talk of the town! Your guests will surely never forget your wedding.


It does not make you a crazy, weird couple if you do something out of the norm. It is actually about being unique, which is not a bad thing at all. For sure, every couple wants to make sure that their wedding is the best, most beautiful and wonderful their guests could ever see. If you like to impress them a little bit, these five ideas can help make that happen. Besides, these options are not that crazy at all. They are familiar to most people, just not common in wedding events. Perhaps, you can start the trend on your most anticipated joyous day.

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