Getting to Know More about Indian Wedding

Kimono and small fans in a wedding usually represent a Japanese theme, while paper lanterns are about a Chinese wedding. What about Indian wedding, which is another type of Asian theme? Do you know anything that may refer to it? Here are some interesting points you must know about Indian themed wedding.

Indian wedding is a combination of a traditional and cultural wedding. This theme does not have to be chosen by couples who are Indians by blood. They can also be white people or a different Asian group.

If you and your partner do not have Indian ancestry, but both plan to have this kind of wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a must. To make your wedding really special and memorable, you need an expert to help you out. This is also beneficial in reducing stress and worries as you prepare for the big event.

Wedding planners for an Indian-inspired wedding have to be very professional. This means that they won’t only make your dream wedding come true, but also help cut down the expenses. They can absolutely provide numerous unique ideas. Here are some of the things that are usually recommended.

Wedding Venue

An important consideration in preparing a wedding is the location. This may be an outdoor setting, wherein there are plants and trees in the surrounding area. It is usually either a countryside or an enclosed area. For an indoor location, the venue must be decorated with a canopy as the altar, and lots of curtains and drapery in glittering designs. Just picture a royal wedding and that would an Indian wedding reception look like.

Time and Date

There is no specific Indian way of how to select the date and time of the occasion. This should be selected based on a personal reason. Basically, you and your future spouse just have to agree on when to get married.


You may think the theme of an Indian wedding has been settled already. It may be if you choose a general Indian wedding, but there are also a few of sub themes to select from. You may need to check them out and choose what’s best for you, your fiancé or fiancée, and your own wedding.


Everything you put up from the ceremony to the reception must define the theme. In an Indian themed wedding, draperies in red and pink color or yellow and gold are commonly used. They also have embedded beads, rhinestones and other jewels, which can be fake, because real ones would be highly expensive. Other than fabric hanging from the ceiling to the walls, pillows, royal-like cups, candles are also very much related to have.


The dish to serve for an Indian-inspired wedding has to be hot and spicy. Well, not in a way that you will make your visitors feel like vomit or cannot breathe due to spiciness. Just don’t serve something that is quite too sweet and sour. Adding more spices is what this means. However, you can still choose extra meals that are non-Indian related, including the beverages.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is an important piece on the table. There is also no specific rule to follow regarding how your cake should look or taste like if you choose an Indian inspired wedding. This means you can select any flavor, color and the number of layers for your cake.


Music is one of the most important components of any wedding. For this particular theme, the songs to play must be Bollywood type. And yes, the dance you and your future spouse have to show must be based on a choreographed Bollywood steps. This should be fun and exciting, so start learning how to dance Bollywood.

If you want an Indian themed wedding for this most anticipating special day, make sure to have the passion about and appreciation of the culture of India. It just means you respect their traditions and customs. It can be a big deal after all, but you need to be not overconfident about how to plan this. Also, hire the best wedding planner that can help you pull off a great Indian wedding.


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