10 Escort Card Ideas

The table on the reception of the wedding is usually placed with names of your guests on a card. This is a very simple concept as you can easily print the names of each and every visitor on your wedding. What if you try something else and make it more unique? Instead of the traditional name cards, make them as escort cards that are picked at the entrance of the reception area. To help you out, here are ten ideas of how you can make beautiful and creative escort cards.

1. Flower Escort Cards

Wouldn’t be a great welcome to give each of your wedding guests a rose tied in a ribbon and a small piece of paper with their name on it? Perhaps, tiny flowers in a small pot with name card will make a good choice, too.

2. Fruit Escort Cards

Lemons, oranges and green apples are good card holders. Just glue a toothpick on a piece of paper that has guest names written on it and stick to each fruit of your choice. You may also put different fruits like berries and grapes on a small basket and use that for the escort card.

3. Favor Escort Cards

Among favorite wedding favors of couples are cakepops, mini cakes and brownies. You can also use one of these as the escort card of your own wedding. Create beautiful and personalized name cards and add ribbons attach on sticks that you put into the cupcakes, brownies or cakepops.

4. Drinks Escort Cards

How about a glass of refreshing, cool beverage and the straw has an attached paper with your guest’s name and seat number? Right before the wedding attendees enter the reception hall and find their own tables, assign some to provide those drinks.

5. Bottle Escort Cards

Cute, tiny bottles with white sand or red sand are also a good idea to think about. Tie a ribbon and a name card for each to provide the details which your guests need to find their tables and seats.

6. Pearl or Shell Escort Cards

If your wedding is inspired by a beach setting, shells or pearls, or maybe both, are very appropriate items to use as the escort cards. Just write the names and seat number of your guests on top of them.

7. Keychain Escort Cards

Keychains with scribed name of the guests and seat numbers would be a beautiful type of souvenir on a wedding. Unlike flowers or favors, these are not disposable at all, but rather useful to hang in a purse or bag.

8. Bookmark Escort Cards

A much cheaper keepsake of an escort card is bookmark. It is much better if you choose a thicker type of paper material, like a cardboard. This can be customized, giving you a way to be more creative.

9. Noise Maker Escort Cards

Another exciting idea is to give away noise makers and use them as escort cards at the same time. This will tempt your guests to make noises for kisses, instead of ringing champagne glasses with spoons.

10. “Thank You” Escort Cards

A simple “Thank You” card would mean a lot to your guests. To save paper material and pen ink, it would be better to use this particular card as the wedding escort card, too. Put the table and seat number on the envelope and your signature “thank you” message is inserted inside.

From these ten choices of escort cards, which one do you like the most? Maybe, you have the 11th idea that may be more creative and unique than these. If so, that just means you do learn something from the given ideas discussed above. That also implies you are ready and excited to have your own wedding escort cards.


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