Wedding Invitations Based on Themes

A wedding is undeniably a very special occasion. Couples who are getting married cannot wait to tell the good news to their family, relatives and friends. Though they may have been looking forward for a long time, the excitement happens once they receive the official invitations. You have to give them cards that can make them feel more delighted. Let’s talk about invitation cards of different themes.

Invitations for a wedding event should capture the attention of guests. There are plenty of amazing wedding invitation themes to choose from. You can have the usual or traditional invitation type to an organic invitation. You can also prepare your own unique wedding invitations. All you need to do is have all the materials necessary in making customized invitations.

Classic or Traditional Wedding Invitation

There are some couples prefer traditional wedding invitations. When this is chosen, you need to think very carefully in terms of color, design or style and letterings or fonts. This type of invitation is simple but elegant just like an ordinary invitation card for a special occasion.

Victorian Wedding Invitation

This invitation type is elegant as well. It is usually chosen when a couple weds in a church or in a hotel. Sometimes, the wedding venue plays a great role in the selection of invitation. For this, you have to pick a good design, including the lettering and color. It is recommended to have some words engraved in calligraphic style.

Summer or Spring Wedding Invitation

Gardens, parks, golf courses, and meadows are other unique wedding locations. If you are going to marry in one of these venues, the invitation cards must be more colorful and livelier. What’s the common ground to have an invitation theme that is cool and fun? Well, these are places that are ideal to select during summer or spring time. Besides, wedding invitations that have lovely flower prints and bright colors are great choices for outdoor wedding venues.

Autumn or Winter Wedding Invitation

For autumn or fall, the wedding invitation just have to be leafy. No need for flowers, spirals, and other invitation print designs. It sounds a simple style, but still a beautiful thing to look upon. It is better to use real leaves, the dried ones.

Winter usually comes after fall, and instead of leaves, snowflakes are the usual decoration of invitation cards. There are more design ideas that you can learn with this type of wedding invitation theme.

Just choose an overall theme for the wedding and it is easier to pick the right one for the invitation card. Also, select one that defines who you are as a couple. Most importantly, the details of the invitation must be written clearly and briefly, as this is the essential thing your visitors need to know.

Wedding is a fantastic event that every couple looks forward to. Do not forget that your guests are also that excited. That’s why the invitation you send to each and every person must be very attractive so they are enticed more.


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