Sunset Wedding – A Beautiful Way to Wed

Many couples dream to marry their best friend on a beach, most especially during the setting of the sun. This time holds a romantic atmosphere, and continues the party as the day closes off. But do you know that a sunset wedding cannot be only held by the seashore? There are other places where you can tie the knot while chasing the sunset. So, let’s talk about sunset wedding ideas that are not just about the common things known by most people. Here you will learn new ideas to make your dream wedding come true.

Sunset but not on the Beach

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One way to wed during sunset is at the top of a building, like in a rooftop. You can have an urban sunset wedding in this case. It is a modern type, but still romantic and wonderful, of exchanging vows with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you like your wedding to be located fully outdoors, find a high flat place where you can set up a ceremonial altar. This is somehow a little bit difficult to discover, unless you find an expert who can provide you choices of areas where to have a sunset wedding. Remember that when a sun sets, it is usually in the west.

Decors and Flowers

The decorations are absolutely necessary to make the wedding venue livelier and more beautiful. Even if the time to wed is at the setting of the sun, some decors can still make the mood and location romantic.

If the wedding is by the beach or yacht in the middle of an ocean, beach-related decorations are what you have to display. These refer to seashells, starfish, sand in bottles, seaweeds, tikis, and a whole lot more. If it is an urban wedding, you can set up a tree in a pot with lights attached to it, which is perfect to welcome the night after the sunset. For anywhere else, you can choose the usual common decorations that can beautify the natural scenery.

No matter what the theme is, flowers should be everywhere in the wedding venue. This is the only natural decoration that you must not miss to have.

Overall, the selection of wedding decorations is actually based on the kind of specific theme you prefer for this special celebration.

Sunset Beach Wedding Themes

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When you choose a beach themed wedding, there is a variety of types to know and consider. You may go for the traditional Hawaiian wedding, a tropical island wedding, a classic nautical wedding, or an Asian beach wedding.

Also, there are certain colors or motifs that signify the themes. For a tropical island, it is usually green, yellow and orange, with some blue. The same hues are used for a Hawaiian wedding. A navy or nautical type of wedding is usually about white and navy blue.

Again, you have to distinguish the theme and motif in order to know the best and appropriate decorations to use. You cannot just mix and match everything when they cannot indicate the specific theme you select.

Outdoor or Indoor

When you want to chase the sunset as you say your “I dos” and “I love yous”, the perfect location is always outside. The setting of the sun should be viewed from the audience. So, at the time of the ceremony, you and your partner should be facing each other as you stand in front of the area where the sun would set.

Now the question is whether you host the reception party in the same place or somewhere inside where there is roof or with walls, too. Most engaged couples who wed by the beach prefer to have the next part of the occasion in an enclosed area. There are good reasons why this is a much better choices.

First, it prevents you, your spouse, and guests to feel the cold breeze of the air. There is warmth when you are in the place where posts, walls and ceilings are present. That is why most of the beach weddings are held in hotel resorts near the beach.

Another reason why you have to stay indoor is to avoid gate crashers. People who you never intended to invite, or you don’t even know, might get the opportunity to join your party. This is possible if your wedding destination is in a resort or a place where tourists are flocking.

Food and Drinks

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When it comes to dining, always choose foods that complement the location and theme of the wedding. This means you must have some seafood dishes and lots of fruits. For the drinks, have cocktails, juices and smoothies, so everyone can sip as if they are on a tropical vacation.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

A sunset wedding can be crucial, because you do not want to miss the sun setting. So, your invitation cards must indicate the time at least 30 minutes earlier. There is a tendency your guests would come and show up late, which may require you to delay the time. If that happens, there is a high risk that you would miss the beautiful sunset.

Moreover, the time to start the ceremony should be 45 minutes before the estimated time for the sun to set. That means you need to find out the approximate time of the sunset on the chosen date of your wedding. You can consult an expert for this one, but you may use a calculator that is made to identify the weather and forecast, which includes the sunset time.

It is truly a wonderful moment to get married with the person you love the most and will love forever. That kind of feeling is more intense when you make it happen as the sun sets in front of you. If you are just engaged and about to plan a wedding, consider following the tips mentioned above and use those ideas to make your dream wedding a lot more memorable.


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