Best Wedding Gift – Three Types of Gifts for the Bride and Groom

You have been invited to a wedding for someone or a couple you know and you are now trying to look for the best wedding gift. With the wide range of choices, it may be hard to choose the right and most appropriate present for the couple. The top or popular list of wedding gifts may change from time to time. However, there are still items that continue to become famous and favorite to buy. What you will learn below are different cool and unique gifts for wedding that are categorized into three major classes. These are gifts from a wedding registry, gifts for keepsake and gifts through experience.

Wedding Registry GiftsIn Western societies, the most common and traditional way of getting gifts for the groom and the bride is the wedding registry. This is an online registry of gifts where engaged couples can choose any item which they would prefer to have as wedding presents from their loved ones and guests. All wedding attendees are informed about the details of the chosen online wedding registry of the couple. The items that are usually offered in wedding registry sites vary from kitchen utensils to electronics and personal items to personalized keepsake. When you check out what the couple has selected you may be surprised but hope to get the best wedding gift. You have no idea just what they would like to receive from their guests like you. However, do not be skeptical or negative about whatever they may have chosen. Couples who register gift items through wedding registry sites have a common purpose. That is to avoid getting the same items from their guests. They have their needs as they would start their new life together. It is possible that they may be flooded with lots of oven toasters, blenders or cooking utensils. You need to consider which among the selected items the best wedding gift is.

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Keepsake and Meaningful Gifts

Another category of finding the most unique and best wedding gift is anything that is for keepsake. This kind of wedding gift is something personal that the couple can keep and cherish for a lifetime. To give you an idea of what personal item to get, here are some samples.

1. A Photo in a Picture FrameImage Source : PublicDomainPictures

One very common wedding gift is a picture frame. This must have a professionally taken picture of the couple that can give back memories to their minds. It is much better if you use a photo frame that you can customize. Let’s say it is a frame that can be engraved with the bride and the groom’s name along with the wedding date. It is also possible that it has some touching words on it. Either way, a photo frame is going to be a best wedding gift you can pick out. It is much better if you get a large size of photo frame that they can pin on the wall of their house and not a small one that is displayable on a desk.

2. Monogrammed Towels and Bathrobes

Items that can be monogrammed are also good choices of gifts that can be meaningful and significant. Some of the most suitable and useful monogrammed items to select are towels and robes. These are personal items the couple can use regularly. You give one towel and one robe each with their names or initial on it and wedding date. Anything monogrammed is a very cute and best wedding gift. So, try to consider this as well if you like the couple to reminisce their beautiful wedding everytime they shower or use the bathroom.

3. Coffee Mugs

Mugs for coffee drinks are also excellent gift item for engaged couples. Whether both of them work or just one of them, a mug becomes a handy personal kitchen item. It is also one favorite and best wedding gift because of the fact that you can customize it. You can have somebody styled it with a note through calligraphy or paint it on your own. That way it won’t be only used as an ordinary mug but a special one that can remind the couple the very memorable day of their lives together.

4. Wine Opener

You may also like to have a simple present but worth keeping like the wine opener. This becomes more significant if the couple is a regular drinker of wine. To make this item more special, choose a silver-plated or a stainless one that you can have it engraved with their initials and wedding date. That makes is a best wedding gift choice too.

Priceless Gifts

There are also very unique gifts that you the couple can get from you. These are experiences wherein they can build more memories and priceless moments. Three of the greatest ideas are romantic honeymoon trip or an extraordinary adventure holiday, spa and facial treatment, and free concert tickets.

1. Honeymoon Vacation

If you really want the best wedding gift for the couple regardless of your relation to them, a free trip for their honeymoon is a very fantastic choice. You can cover all the expenses for their a few days or weekend vacation together as husband and wife. There are lots of honeymoon packages that you can check out for. The destination may be local or international. It can also be a romantic type of vacation or an adventurous getaway. When you opt for this, select the destination where they would like to be to spend their early married life together.

2. Musical Concert

Free tickets for two are another great gift that the couple can have to celebrate their wedding. You can choose one of their favorite musicians or bands. If it is possible, make a request to the chosen musician of giving them a 1-minute of fame like mentioning their names as newlyweds right after a few songs. This can surely give them a big surprise which they won’t ever forget. Therefore, it can become a best wedding gift after all.

3. Spa with Facial Treatment

Giving the couple a voucher or coupon to have some free spa and facial treatment is another great idea. After the hectic and stressful but wonderful wedding, the newlyweds can have a great time relaxing at one of the best local spas. That’s why you choose a good spa and massage center if you like this to be your best wedding gift. It must be a day for them to be pampered and feel comfortable.

From the provided suggestions of wedding gifts above, you are able to identify which one is the best present you can select for the couple. Whatever you choose is a perfect and not just the best wedding gift. The reason is because they are great gift items and ideas which they can embrace and cherish for all throughout their married lives. This must be the goal you have in mind when selecting a present for a couple who is about to unite and the tie the knot. It can motivate you to look for not just an ordinary item but the perfect gift. You must be one among the few wedding attendees, family or friends who can give a meaningful gift to them.


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