Best Man Checklist – Duties and Responsibilities

To be a best man for a wedding is a huge privilege and a fun experience you could have. As the best man of the groom, you are entitled to do some special tasks for the wedding preparation and for the big day. You should have the time, creativity, resources and passion to help the engaged couple prepare their most wonderful and special event of their lives. They will surely need your help in making decisions and rely on you at most times. With that said, you need to make a best man checklist to write down the things you have to do and make for the wedding.

Making a planning list for best man is a need but requires some patience and hardwork. Once you are asked to be the best man and say “yes” to it, there is no way you can quit. All you have to do is to make sure all the assigned responsibilities and duties are completed. That’s how important to have a best man checklist. This has to be made ahead time to avoid rushing and missing anything. There is a possibility that you may not finish or forget some of the given tasks but that’s the last thing you should have in mind. To make your duties and responsibilities achievable, a checklist is what you need to organize and easily complete everything. Here are what you must list down and do as a best man.

Pre-Wedding Parties and Venues

There are pre-wedding parties to attend other than the wedding. Most of the time, they are only for close family relatives and friends. As the best man, you are automatically invited. What you have to expect is that you are one of the in-charge persons to plan those parties. You could be the host or the party planner. The parties given to you based on tradition are the bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner.

The bachelor party is one of the biggest responsibilities you have to do. You must choose a good theme and venue for it. It must be a party the groom would love. Of course, it must be also a fun party attended by all invited single men.

For other parties like the rehearsal dinner, you may be needed to co-host or decorate. Whichever is assigned to you, make sure you have the time and presence to contribute.

Bookings and Reservations

The wedding invitations, the dresses of the groomsmen, the decorations, the musicians or DJs, and the photographers and videographers are some of the things may assign to you. In most cases, you will have to make reservations or bookings for these. This will require you to run, make schedules and purchase. Needless to say, you have to be fully ready to accomplish these tasks.

The Wedding Ceremony and the Speech

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Your main tasks are executed at the day of the wedding. These include preparing all groomsmen, marching down the aisle right after the groom made his walk, holding and giving away of the rings, and witnessing the most awaited ceremony.

The best man is one of the speakers to give a wedding speech. This is delivered at the reception so that means you have plenty of time to prepare it. You do not have any excuse of not being able to prepare. During your spare time, take the opportunity to research information and read samples of best man speeches to give you ideas. This is an easy way for you to know what to write and say when you have to deliver your best man speech and toast.

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All of these things are very important to list down on your note. Those are the contents of your best man checklist that can remind you of what to do and finish. Your duties and responsibilities are not purely obligations but rather privilege that you must take in with pride and joy.


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