Wedding Tips on Clothes and Shoes to Wear

Do you worry about the wedding dress and shoes that you have to wear at the time of your wedding day? Are you one of the guests who are invited to attend to that special event? Either way, you are here to get some insights and tips on how to select what you need to wear.

Wearing a beautiful dress for women and a tuxedo for men is very essential for an important wedding celebration. It won’t be that too difficult to find something to wear as there are plenty of boutiques, bridal shops, and online stores that can offer you the latest, trendiest and affordable apparels for brides, grooms, and guests. Whatever your role is, these are tips that you really need to know.

Know the Style of Attire

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This is a guide to guests in regards to what to search. There is certainly a dress code given on the invitation. If not, you may ask one of the couple to be sure of what to wear. Other than that, choose an appropriate dress as requested or suggested by the bride and the groom.

For the bride and the groom, the dresses to wear should always be based on the theme of their wedding. Both the bride and the groom won’t actually have any difficulty selecting as they will wear according to the personal style they want.

Identify the Time and Season of the Event

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If the wedding is daytime, the attire is usually made of soft and light fabric, while thicker material for night. You also have to consider the climate or season of the day of this occasion. Summer means less thickness, while a warm type of fabric for fall or winter.

Determine the Place

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A wedding is the beach can indicate a particular type of dress to wear for guests. It is usually light in color and thin, soft fabric. The same applies in a garden, countryside, winery, and other outdoor venues. In a church, you need a much more decent dress for wedding.

Check Your Style

Color, designs, style and cut are all important details and parts of the dress. These are chosen based on preference, but again they all need to be appropriate and in harmony with the theme of the occasion.

Remember, a daytime wedding can give you a warm feeling and sweat can ruin your appearance. It is better to opt for light colors and soft fabric materials to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Match Shoes with the Dress

When it comes to shoes, it is important to match a pair with the dress color and style. Actually, there are wedding boutiques that can give you a whole package deal in a lower price. You get to find the perfect pair of shoes for the dress with ease in this case.

Try Fitting

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Give yourself the time to fit both the dress or tuxedo and the shoes that you choose. This provides you an assurance that what you are choosing is suitable to your body shape and size. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable wearing them. Keep in mind that you will wear the attire and shoes all throughout the event. So, it is important to know whether the shoes and are perfectly fitted to your body or not.

In women, shoes come in available heels. This is another part to check out when selecting a pair of shoes. It must be the right heels of shoes that do not give ankle pain or uncomfortable feeling.

The same should be considered to the groom or men for the wedding. Make sure that the shoes fit well to the feet according to the right size. For example, you have 9 foot size, which means that you better choose a pair of shoes with the same size or at least .5 extra.

Learning tips that will help you choose the best wedding attire and shoes is an important thing. Therefore, the list of tips and suggestions above are the things you need to follow to get the perfect attire that you need to wear for that wonderful occasion. Whatever that is required or preferred to wear, it must always come with the latest trendy style, comfort and perfect fit.


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