Table Napkin Ideas for the Wedding Party

Napkins on the wedding tables make a centerpiece. They are also considered decoration before they are used. Well, it is surely one way to impress guests on a special occasion like this. Instead of just folding table napkins or using the common rings, here are better ideas that you can try following.

1. Laces

Table NapkinsImage Source:thomashawk

Other than ribbons, which are already used at the back of chairs, laces are a good type of ring to use to arrange table napkins. This style is usually elegant so that makes it a beautiful ring for every napkin. It is appropriate for many types of wedding themes, including vintage and urban.

2. Seashells

Is the wedding takes place on the seashore or is a beach themed? Then, seashells are a perfect choice to wrap your guests’ napkins. You can pick up on beach sand or buy at craft store. Just make holes and attach a yarn to tie each and every napkin.

3. Ropes

For a country or barn themed wedding, ropes are most ideal to use to tie napkins. This style is rustic which makes the particular theme more visible. It is much better if you can use thin ropes that you can braid for a more unique and cute look.

4. Cork

A cork that you can drill to have a little hole to put through a tie is another great idea to use for a napkin ring. This is a good piece for country themed wedding or when the venue is taken place at a winery. You may be wondering how or where to get corks. Just chop woods or buy from any local winery.

5. Buttons

Table Napkin IdeasImage Source:vestman

If you want something cheap but still wonderful, buttons are great pieces to use in making table napkin rings. They are also easy to work with yarns as you do not have to drill holes. You can use three to five buttons in different styles and colors for every napkin. You may also just glue them on a ribbon and tie it around the napkin.

6. Tissue Roll

Tissue RollImage Source:sifu_renka

Not exactly the tissue paper, but the roll that you can cut into smaller sizes. You cover it with a gift wrapper to make it look more beautiful and just roll each napkin to arrange them.

7. Ponytails

There are cute ponytails in thin sizes that you can also use to make rings for wedding napkins. But better choose a style that is not too obvious for hair use. Some of this type of accessory are designed with ruffles and blings, which are also a good option.

8. Bangles

Even the charming, silvery bangles, which are made of aluminum or plastic, can be used to wrap table napkins. You can buy them in stores in low prices. This should not be a bad idea as the design is decorative enough.

Napkins DecorationImage Source:umami88

Napkins folded or arranged when placed on the plates or tables at a wedding reception make a great decoration. They add charm to every table, which is quite a good thing to consider when you are planning your own celebration.

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