Wedding Gift Baskets – 13 Baskets for the Bride and the Groom

Wedding gift baskets are becoming common nowadays too. Forget about the expensive and glimmering China dishware, America’s leading brand of oven toaster or the overrated pair of glassware. It’s time to try something new and different. With that said, you will learn some cool and beautiful wedding gift basket ideas. Learning those will let you have an idea of what to get for the couple. So, just continue reading below and have fun discovering new insights regarding the best wedding gift for the bride and the groom.

1. Sweet Treats Gift Basket

Kids are not the only one who deserves something sweet that are packed in a basket but even the newlyweds! Yes, you can get one of the cutest wedding gift baskets full of candies, chocolate bars, cupcakes and other foods that are tasty sweet to the mouth. Any couple will appreciate and take this as a very thoughtful gesture. Plus, it will be surely your idea only so you do not have to worry if there will be someone giving the same basket!

2. Healthy Foods Gift Basket

You must consider some beneficial wedding gift basket ideas too. Having said that, fill in the basket with nutritional foods which are primarily fruits and vegetables. Those green, leafy vegetables like cabbages and lettuces with some delightful carrots, potatoes and fruits such as grapes and kiwi can make a salad. At least, the couple can settle in with a healthy life together!

3. Canned Foods Gift Basket

The basket you may like to give to the couple may be also filled with canned foods. There are some people who like to have some instant food especially during busy hours and hectic days. If you think this is such a good idea and becomes very handy to them, then fill the basket with lots of ham, sardines, tuna and sausages. Somehow, this is one of the most unique wedding gift baskets you can choose.

4. Meat Gift Basket

Let’s say the couple likes to grill with their food and they are meat lover. The basket then would have been supplied with different kinds of meat of various cuts. Have some beef, pork, chicken or even fish included in it. It will surely make a contradictory to some healthy wedding gift basket ideas. Well, if you can just add some nutritional ingredients then it is not bad at all.

5. Baking Gift BasketImage Source : soapylovedeb

Another kind of a wedding basket as your present for the couple is something related to baking. This does not only refer to the baking ingredients but utensils that you can also use. It must have a recipe book, a baking pan, molders, cutters and measuring cups and spoons. It is possible to give them two or three wedding gift baskets just to make sure it’s a complete baking gift. One basket may be filled with all the ingredients, while the other one is the oven. So, do not just think of the eggs, baking soda, milk, flour and butter. Make it a complete baking set so the bride and the groom can have a great day preparing some cakes and cookies.

6. Cheese and Wine Gift Basket

One of the favorite wedding gift baskets is the cheese and wine gift basket. You can get all the different types of cheese and a bottle or two of the finest wine. You must only ensure that the cheese and wine match together. If in case you do not have any idea, have an expert connoisseur or a wine maker help you out.

7. Spa Gift Basket

Basically, the wedding gift basket ideas you will learn are not just about foods. There are also personal items to consider and one of them is the spa gift basket. This contains spa products such as massage oil, bath salts, foot spa salts, facial mask and some spa coupons or facial treatment vouchers. It is a basket that can give relaxation which makes both the bride and the groom feel good. They would surely need this after their wedding due to the busy and hectic preparation.

8. Hygiene and Beauty Products Gift Basket

A basket full of grooming and hygiene products is also one amazing wedding gift to consider. You get some lotions, perfume, makeup kits, hair brush and bikini wax for the bride. Then shaving cream, razor and hair styling gel for the groom. Add some common bathroom products too like soaps, shampoos and towels. This specific choice is one very common wedding gift baskets which you may select.

9. Cooking Utensils Gift Basket

There are also home items that are essential to put in a basket. With that said, the most essential to give are those that can be usable in the kitchen. Frying pans, cooking pots, spatulas, wooden spoons, egg mixer, blender and can opener are some great specific items to get and put in the wedding basket.

10. Gardening Gift Basket

If the couple likes to have a garden on their own or at least one of them is very fond of flowers and pants, a gardening gift basket is an ideal choice. It will be among the new and hot wedding gift baskets to give out nowadays. That means you shop for a watering can, a small shovel, a pair of gloves, pots and of course seeds of plants, flowers and probably vegetables too.

11. Baby Clothes Gift Basket

There are couples who like to have babies right after marriage. Others may have already one along the way. If the bride and groom you know have the plan anytime soon, the best thing you must give to them is a basket loaded with baby clothes. You can also add some baby products for hygiene, grooming and shower.

12. Hobbies Gift Basket

Do not also ignore some wedding gift basket ideas that are based on interests and hobbies. The groom is surely a fan of sports so get a few items related to his favorite sports and games. For the bride, she must be a bookworm or a music lover. Just think of the most obvious hobbies the couple has and that’s when you can think of the things to put in the basket to give at their wedding.

13. Honeymoon Gift Basket

Among these thirteen choices of wedding gift baskets, the honeymoon one is probably the most unique, jaw-dropping and expensive gift. You fill in the basket with round air tickets along with a map, a travel guide book, sunscreen lotion, bikinis, sunglasses, hats and other essential for the trip depending on the destination. Whatever you put into the basket for the romantic getaway is very vital to them. Just have the most important ones like the flight tickets and hotel pass.

The list of wedding gift basket ideas proves that wedding guests and attendees cannot only have limited options of what to give to the couple. There are more unique and good stuffs to consider just like the different gift baskets discussed here. They are actually a lot more useful and significant because each item in a basket has a big contribution to do or make. Anyway, you have plenty of choices here so just make that wise decision on what to get and buy for the future newlyweds.


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