Wedding in London but You’re Not British

London is one of the most popular cities in the world that have wonderful sights for wedding. Aside from that, it has cold season, which is why more couples consider getting married here. But then you are not a local citizen or resident of England. The question now is that, can you tie the knot in this home of the British royal?

London is unquestionably an ideal place in creating wonderful memories that a lover can cherish for a lifetime. If you are among those couples, it is important to know some basic details about this city for wedding destination. It offers old churches, parks, gardens, and some castles, too, that you may select for the setting of either civil or religious ceremony.

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Like most wedding destination, you need to think of the cost. Normally, the cost can be more or less18,000 pounds, which is quite more expensive than average wedding expenses in the US. It is also higher compared to the other parts of the UK.

Civil wedding in London is not restricted to anyone of any citizens. You can contact the local registry offices for further details in regards to the documents and requirements to submit. Couples can have a civil wedding at anytime they want to schedule as long as there is no conflict with other appointments.

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For a religious ceremony, future bride and groom may choose one of the most luxurious hotels in London. If a much cheaper option, try a local pub, such as Alexandra Palace. Either way, such venues can help make your romantic “I do’s” more memorable and possible.

There are various ways to get married in London from air to water. Yes, not just on land that you can exchange vows with the love of your life.

If you want to try an air wedding, you can check out the British Airways and London Eye. They are willing to give you an air wedding option. You can have a private plane decorated with beautiful flowers, but the number of guests is limited. Yet, it includes champagne, which is actually expensive.

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Another option is the T.S Queen Mary, which is a boat, and a good venue for water wedding. Just hire a boat to experience a unique and romantic wedding experience. You may opt for a river wedding instead, too. There are river cruises available that can pick you up from any pier. They are also willing to organize the reception, but this depends on your budget, of course.

Let’s not forget a simple yet incredibly unforgettable wedding at the beautiful and infamous tower bridge of London. This site can provide a romantic wedding you have ever dreamed of.

Wedding in London is more than just dollars. It can be really expensive but the moments you can experience and treasure are all priceless. So, go ahead plan your dream wedding in this gorgeous city and enjoy your time tying the knot.


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