Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride and also to Her Groom – Make a Good Pick

If you have been attended to a wedding, one of the things you need to do and prepare is to look for some cool and unique wedding gift ideas for bride and her groom. You cannot just enter into the venue and witness the moments for hours without anything on hand to give to the couple. Somehow, you are a special person to them that’s why they choose you to be there. That should motivate and persuade you enough to get them a perfect wedding gift they can cherish for a lifetime or use for years. What you will read more below are not only common gift items but useful and meaningful presents for a couple.

When you give wedding gifts, it can be a single item that the couple can use or individual item for each of them. So, we will categorize them into three and from there you can make your choice. The three categories are gifts for bride only, gifts for groom only and gifts for both the groom and the bride.

For the Bride

There are wedding gift ideas for bride that you can consider and set aside another list of choices for the groom. Some of the best choices for her are the following.

1. A Jewelry BoxImage Source : love Maegan

One of the most common wedding gift ideas for bride is a jewelry box. There are plenty of styles that you can select to get the best jewelry box. It may be a simple heart shaped box, a rectangle with some accents on top, a cute squared one with the title “bride” on it. Yes, there are customized jewelry boxes you may also find. However, it is much better if you can put some jewelry items in the box. You can add a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a complete set of jewelry.

2. Tote Bag

A bag for women is another good idea to give for the bride. She can use it when running some errands during her next phase of life as a wife and soon-to-be mother. It can be also used as a bag to keep her personal items everytime she goes out to work, shop or just take some time off outside with her future husband. As a matter of fact, there are bags that you can personalize which make them great wedding gift ideas for bride.

3. Bride’s Apron

It will be also a good idea to take an apron with the title “bride” or “good wife” on it. This is a very unique gift for any woman who is about to start a new life as a married person. If you think apron is a nice item to hand out to her, add some pot gloves and hair net so she has a complete set of cooking attire to use.

For the Groom

After having some ideas of wedding gift ideas for bride, it’s time to concentrate on items for the groom. If you can give the bride something personal, the same thing you need to consider for her groom. Here are some great choices you can get for him.

1. A Hand Wrist WatchImage Source : Nemo

You can pair the jewelry item of the bride with a hand wrist watch for the groom. While women are fonder of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, a watch is more common and preferred to men. That’s why this particular item is an excellent choice for the groom. Plus, this is very beneficial to any men whether they go and whatever they do. They need to have knowledge about time when running errands and doing personal stuffs.

2. Sports Bag

If tote bags are great wedding gift ideas for bride, sports bag are definitely perfect for groom. He may take time to go to the gym and workout. Most men are interested in that nowadays so the groom is possible to have that kind of habit too. If so, then a sports bag is the best item to pair of the bride’s gift.

3. Coffee or Beer Mug

A mug is another great item to give out to the groom. This may be a coffee mug or a beer mug depending on what you think is best for him to use during his married life. You can have this customized or not but ensure to include the word “bride” or his wedding date. If possible, have the couple’s picture painted on the mug if it is for coffee drinking.

For the Bride and the Groom

This last category of wedding gift ideas for bride and groom are matching items. It means they are pairs exclusively for the bride and the groom. If you are more comfortable giving them something that are bride-and-groom gifts then the following items are your choices.

1. Bathrobes

One very perfect choice of a wedding gift for an engaged couple is a pair of bathrobes. To make the items more personal and unique, have each bathrobe embroidered with the name of the bride and the groom, or simply the title “bride” and “groom”. It is also possible that you choose the “Mr. and Mrs.” names instead. Whichever, they are great wedding gift ideas for bride and her groom.

2. Night LampsImage Source : Hans

A lamp for each person is another fantastic gift item for their wedding. They can set their lamps at nights in their bedroom. This is a good and very useful addition to their personal stuffs once they settle in as husband and wife. Therefore, lamps are certainly wonderful wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

3. Pillows

If night lamps seem to be a great item for the bride and the groom, pillows are more useful. They are used every night and every time people have to take some rest. If you have been wanting to give useful wedding gift ideas for bride and groom, pillows are good options. You can have their names and titles as bride and groom detailed on the pillows.

4. Wine Glasses

Also one great item that is included on the list of famous wedding gift ideas for bride is a wine glass. You can give the bride and the groom each a wine glass with details on it. It must be special wine glasses that can remind them about their most special occasion. So, make sure their names, wedding date and other related things should be imprinted on the glasses.

Whatever you decide to choose, it must be something worth keeping. Do not just give any presents for the couple without a valid or meaningful reason. All the wedding gift ideas for bride and groom that you have read or learned here are samples of items that can be cherished for years. They may be functional or be displayed but all can remind them of the best moments they have on their wedding day. Thereby, choose the best items wisely and do not over think of how much you are going to spend because any amount you shell out is going to be worth it as long as the couple can appreciate what you are giving to them.


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