Kids’ Activities on the Wedding Day

Are the invitations sent out? Check. Have you booked a food catering service? Check. Did you hire a team of photographers and videographers? Check. Is your wedding dress ready? Check. You might have prepared everything on the list, but, how about something for the kids? Hey, don’t forget the children, too! You have to prepare a few things that can make the kids busy, or, for a much better word, entertained.

Aside from your flower girls and bearers, there may be other little ones out there who you do not want to bore. So, as you celebrate that special occasion during the reception, give those children some activities they can do. Here are some great suggestions of what you can let each little boy and girl does during the reception.

1. Drawing or Coloring

Kids from 2 to 10 years old love to draw and color. While some of your attendees are giving their speeches, small boys and girls must do this so that they won’t get bored. Expect them not to listen to any of the speakers. And instead of making noises from the crowd or walking to and fro, it is better that they are busy coloring a picture of a bride and a groom. There are many printable coloring sheets that you can get from the Internet. Complete it with boxes of crayons. It won’t be that too difficult to prepare necessary materials anyway.

2. Painting

Painting is another great idea to offer to kids. But this can be a mess, so every child must wear an apron to avoid stains on their formal wear. You do not want your flower girls to stain their beautiful dresses.

3. Cartoon Movie Watching

One of the things that catch the attention of most children of any ages is watching an animated TV show or, better yet, a movie. You can pick 1 very cool cartoon movie and have it played in one separate room. To make this more interesting, use 3D glasses and provide snacks (popcorns, chocolates, etc.) and drinks. Just assign someone or two people who can look after them, while they are watching, then every teen and adult in your reception can have your own enjoyment.

4. Playing Indoor Games

If not watching a movie, playing in a way that they do not make any noise is another ideal activity during a wedding celebration. Video games, card games, checkers and other board games are some of the great choices to offer for kids.

5. Reading or Telling Stories

Listening to or reading stories is a good choice to keep kids entertained. Have several children’s books in one table and have all small kids sit down. You can also assign a person who has the talent and creativity to narrate stories in a way that make children really hooked up.

6. Showing Magic

A magic show is also a brilliant activity that kids can attend to. They will laugh, smile and enjoy to every trick conducted by a team of clowns or magicians. Other than watching, some of the kids can be also taught on how to do a little magic trick, which they can do to their parents after the wedding.

7. Taking Pictures

Since most, if not all, of the kids are donning beautiful dresses and suits, capturing photos of themselves would not be a bad idea, too. Give them disposable cameras or those models designed exclusively for children, and allow them to have fun around with each other. Who knows, they may be surprisingly creative and sneaky to capture photos of you and your spouse.

8. Scrapbooking

Making bride and groom scrapbooks is a fun thing to do as well. Kids can create a scrapbook of a girl and a boy in a wedding theme. Again, the materials needed for this can be printed, while the scrapbook can be small drawing books. Let them cut, paste and decorate.

There are many great ideas that children can do on your wedding. Do not just think of things that can make the adults and teens entertained and enjoy your special day. The kids must also have fun attending this kind of event. Just choose which one do you think is the best activity you can provide for them.


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