Gifts for Groom From Bride – 15 Great Choices for Your Husband-To-Be

With the many items available in stores these days, there are countless gifts for groom from bride to select from. It’s both good and bad news to you perhaps. The bad news is that you may have difficult choosing the best item for your handsome and beloved groom because of the many choices. The good news is that you are definitely going to find the right one which can put him into smile. To narrow down your search and make this process a little easier or stress free, here are 15 best choices that you may consider giving to your soon-to-be spouse.

1. Wallet

A wallet may sound to be a cheap item to give to your husband-to-be but since it is a very necessary personal item for any individual, this can be considered. It is a must to have a wallet whether he is already married to you by then. If you like it to be more personal, choose a leather wallet embedded with his name and your name along with the date of your wedding. That way it becomes one of the most unique gifts for groom from bride that you can buy for and give to him.

2. Watch

Another timeless and personal item you may give is a watch. It can be a hand wrist watch that he can use anytime of the day wherever he is. It may be also a pocket watch which he can keep on his pants or shorts. Whichever you prefer, this item is an excellent gift for a groom from his bride.

3. Picture Frame

In all gifts for groom from bride, a picture frame has always been a favorite choice of all time. Many brides, even the parents of the groom, have been buying picture frame to give to the future husband. What makes this more explainable and understandable to you is that you can personalize it. You can opt to get a photo frame with your personal note engraved on the frame along with your names and wedding date. It is much better if you put up one of your personal favorite and most romantic photos together.

4. Message in a Bottle

A very romantic and traditional gift your groom can receive is a bottle with your personal love note scrolled inside. You write him a letter and speak from the heart. It is like a pre-wedding vow but it’s something worth keeping for a lifetime. Your soon-to-be spouse will surely appreciate it as he would realize just how sweet you are and loving to him. Therefore, on your choice of gifts for groom from bride, make sure to consider this one too. It may touch his soft side after all and give you a great smile, warm hug and a sweet kiss.

5. Keepsake Book of Your Love Story

Most of the best gifts for groom from bride are personalized ones. One of them is the keepsake book which you have to do on your own. This kind of book can be made from a scrapbook and filled it with lots of your photos together from your first ever picture up to the most recent. Make it more touching by adding notes or descriptions of each photo that you stick on the book. It has to look like a fairy tale or love story novel. Through that, it will become a journal or diary of your relationship. This can surely bring back memories and enhance the strong relationship you have that has a great foundation.

6. Boxer Briefs

A sexy item that a man will ever receive from his bride is a set of boxer briefs. If you want this, you must customize each with some personal and quite funny words like “the property of  Jack”, “Jack loves this” and “the most favorite of  Jack”. He will surely laugh reading words like that but he cannot wait to wear it for sure!

7. Cufflinks

A pair of cufflinks has never become unpopular. This is still considered as one of the best and very famous gifts for groom from bride. You must give him a good pair of cufflinks engraved with his initial or the first letters of your name with a heart between them. Also, you ensure that the color and style match your fiancé’s wedding attire.

8. Monogrammed Handkerchief

A handkerchief monogrammed with your personal message and names is another fantastic choice. In fact, this belongs to the most popular of gifts for groom from bride all time. You better hand him at least three monogrammed handkerchiefs with different messages from the bottom of your heart.

9. Desk Clock

If your husband-to-be works in an office, a desk clock is a suitable item you can give to him. This is more appreciated if you choose a clock with a space of putting one or two photos on it. It is also possible to have a clock that you can embed your names and wedding date on the frame.

10. Valet Box

Another very common groom gift is the valet box. This can be made in a hardwood material or a stainless steel. It does not matter anyway as long as there is a note embedded along with the date of your wedding. This item is one of the timeless gifts for groom from bride.

11. NecklaceA necklace for men is also a good choice any bride can consider. A silver necklace with a plate inscribed by your personal message is a brilliant option. It may also be a gold necklace with a chamber where you can put a small picture of you and him kissing or hugging each other.

12. Bracelet

If not necklace, a bracelet is absolutely a perfect alternative. You can choose among the leading brands of the century worldwide. You can also pick one that is best suited for his personality. Regardless of the brand name and cost, a bracelet for your groom wouldn’t be a bad choice.

13. Wedding BandImage Source : Nemo

This next item is not the official wedding ring. It is more like a secondary ring for a groom from his bride. You can have more option to customize this kind of band. There will be enough space on it where your names, wedding date and a one-line personal message can be embroidered.

14. Bathrobe

A robe for bathroom or shower use is also a wonderful item to give for your spouse. It must have a personal touch like his name with a heart before your name or vice versa. This is also one of the newest and hottest gifts for groom from bride that you must check out.

15. Men’s Perfume

One final choice of a groom gift is a bottle of perfume exclusively for men. You choose one of his favorite scents or brands of men’s perfume and cologne. It is much better to give him a large one or a set of three to five bottles.

All these gifts for groom from bride are good ones to select. You just have to weigh in your best choice by knowing what he would like to receive.


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