How to Find a Clergyman for Your Wedding

The ceremony is the most important and meaningful part of the entire wedding celebration. This is the most awaited moment of every individual who is engaged and bound to get married. While this part has significance, the clergyman who conducts the whole ceremony is the most essential person. You can just have a few guests and that’s okay as long as there is an official minister of the wedding. You can only have a maid of honor and a best man as long as there is a legitimate clergyman. That’s how important a clergyman is to be a part of a wedding event. Now that you are on the search of a clergyman, let this article provides you some helpful tips in picking the right clergyman for your wedding.

Religion Based

Most of the clergymen available are those who stand behind the pulpit of churches. There are leaders for the Catholic church, Presbyterian church, Baptist church, etc. If your wedding is going to take place in a church, whoever is the leader or minister is automatically the chosen clergyman. If it is going to happen outside church, you can still choose any religion based minister such as rabbi, priest and pastor. That’s when you really have to be specific with your search of who is going to preside your wedding ceremony.

It is easier, faster and better to have a wedding in a church as you won’t have to worry about the clergyman. However, not all couples are comfortable or preferred getting married in a church. Some may like to tie the knot on the beach, outside a barn, in an urban area, etc. If the location of your wedding ceremony is not in a church, you have to search for the right officiating minister.

Flexible in Time
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In case you have chosen to exchange vows outside a church, the officiating minister, first of all, must have the time. This means that he or she can travel to your wedding destination at the time you choose to tie the knot. Someone who can manage their duties of conducing wedding ceremony is what you have to look for. Take note that not all clergymen are available as some of them have their own appointments too. Their tasks are not only to have the license to unite partners but also conduct church services, funeral services, personal meetings and even vacation.


Generally, the groom is responsible in making a decision in this particular case. However, he can still rely on his bride if she can recommend someone she knows or has an idea regarding clergyman. Either way, it is important that both of them must ensure that officiating minister is legit.Image Source : soldiersmediacenter

This means that he or she has the license to conduct marriage ceremony. No matter how excited you are, how expensive and lavish the event is or how many guests are there to attend, it is worthless to have a clergyman that is not eligible. So, make sure that you check his or her background if the duty to bind you as husband and wife is legit.

Eligibility is only the most important to look for when you search a clergyman for a wedding event. It will help you make the right decision if he or she is a local so you won’t have to pay further expenses aside from the service fee charged to you.


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