Black and White Wedding Cakes – The Criteria of Choosing

Black and white wedding cakes are among the popular choices of themed cakes these days. They are classy, very high fashionable and artistic in designs. They are mostly selected for a formal kind of wedding including the black tie wedding. While you can select any flavor, and there are various colors produced for that, it won’t do any cause of the black and white coating of the outside. With the many choices available from the styles to colors, sizes to shapes and flavors to topper, here are great ideas that you can consider in order to select the perfect cake for your wedding.

Designs, Styles and ToppersImage Source : Anne

One reason why black and white cakes for wedding events are chosen is the fact that there are many beautiful designs to select from. You can have a very simple but elegant design, a unique one or a more stylish and eye-catching wedding cake. Because the colors black and white can match to any designs from classic to modern, they make an excellent choice to display on the couple’s wedding table.

1. Stripes

Black and white are contrasting colors so they make a good stripe design for a wedding cake. No matter how many layers you prefer, black and white stripes can certainly create a good, beautiful result. You may have an option to fully cover all layers of the cake or just a partial. This is one of the common styles of black and white wedding cakes you can select.

2. Dots

Polka dots are also among the favorites choices of design for a black and white cake. The cake has to be basically covered in white fondant then embellish it with black spots. You may also cover it in black with white spots. Or to make it look more unique, have some layers covered in white with black spots, while the rest are covered in black with white spots.

3. Checkered

Checkered black and white wedding cakes are also a good selection. The cake can be in various layers and shapes covered in black and white squares accordingly. Just think of the chess board and or floor tiles to have a picture of what a black and white cake in a checkered design would look like. It’s a sophisticated, simple design but can also catch the attention of your guests if you put something twist on the top like a masquerade mask with feathers and pearls on every black squares of the cake.

4. Diamonds

Of course, if there is a checkered black and white design, you may also consider a much better style which is the diamond. Instead of the usual straight squares of black and white, have your cake designed in a diamond style. Some black and white wedding cakes of this particular design are covered in black diamonds of two or more lines and the rest is coated in white. Others can be made simply in diamond shape of black and white color alternatively.

5. Vintage

A very unique design with different styles to pick from is a vintage. A lot of black and white wedding cakes are created with this kind of design. It can be a zig-zag black and white with little dots, thin lines of black on white coated cake, etc. In fact, you can add some sparks to make the cake really look fabulous such as the use of other color like gray and cream. You can have your own choice of the details but it’s much better to have ideas so you can easily find the right style for your wedding cake.

6. FloralImage Source : katinalynn

There are also wedding cakes that are created in floral designs. This is a very common design for any weddings but if you say black and white wedding cakes that’s kind of unique. What kind of real, fresh flowers can you get that are made up of black? There are white flowers but what about for a black color? That’s when you think of an alternative by using fondants. Flower fondants are beautiful so that’s a great solution if you want this kind of design for your cake.

These are just some of the designs you can select from to come up with a very unique and pretty wedding cake. Whatever design you want to use, ensure to have a figurine of a bride and a groom since they are also made in black and white color.

Shapes and Sizes

In choosing a cake, you also consider the shapes and sizes. There are black and white wedding cakes that shaped in rounds from smallest to biggest. Some are in squares or rectangles of more than three layers. Others are a combination of round and rectangle shaped cake layers. Whichever you prefer, good the right shape that can complement the wedding theme and the designs to embellish. For the size, that is also based on your interest and preference. You can have a mix of different sizes or stick with the same size. Since this is not just an ordinary cake, make sure your cake can stand out and make the people at the reception look at it as soon as they glance on it. That is more likely possible if the cake is tall, huge and strikingly beautiful.


The most interesting part about black and white wedding cakes is that you can choose any flavor that you want. You can the yellow or white cheese cake, brown chocolate, red velvet, blueberry, strawberry and any flavor you have in mind. The colors these flavors produced won’t matter because the entire cake will be covered with the basic color of the theme which are black and white. You may also pick two or more flavors in which one layer of the cake is a specific flavor and another layer with a different flavor. Cakes are one of the food items that do not limit ingredients at all so you just simply choose the best and most delicious flavor for your cake. Sometimes your creativity is not only limited to the designs but also the inside of the cake or in other words the flavor and ingredients.Image Source: TipsyCake Chicago

After reading this, you are probably excited to have your own wedding cakes. From the suggestions and ideas about black and white wedding cakes which are provided here, you and your partner can begin choosing your own choice of the flavor, design, topper and other details that can produce a very beautiful and unique wedding cake. Remember that a cake has a big role to make and an important symbol to represent. That explains why a wedding cake, no matter how big or small is it, is so expensive. So do not just choose anything random without any valid basis or significant reason at all. Nevertheless, a black and white wedding cake would not look bad at the table of your most anticipated and special wedding. The only things left you need to do are to select which baker or bakeshop to produce your dream wedding cake and how much does it cost you.



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