5 of the Most Common Wedding Proposals

Once you think of proposing to your girlfriend, sweats coming down from all over your face to your feet. You’d probably say, “How would I pull off the best or perfect proposal to her?” Thinking about it is even hard to do, not because she might say no, but the normal nervous feeling you have.

Actually, it is normal to have that kind of feeling as if it’s a fear. But there is nothing to be scared of or worried about if you are ready to propose. If the father of your future bride has given you his blessings, then it won’t be that difficult to ask her hand for marriage. To help you plan for that wonderful moment, here are 5 common ways to propose to the woman you want to spend with the rest of your life.

Wedding Proposal

Suggestion 1: Set a Dinner

This plan is very common for a boyfriend to propose to his girlfriend. It can happen during one of the ordinary nights at your own place for a real private and romantic proposal. It may be also in a fancy restaurant with romantic music and low lights. Either way, it will surprise her and make her say, “Yes!” even without thinking twice.

Suggestion 2: Collaborate with a Food Deliverer

Food delivery can also be a nice option for wedding proposal. You must already know her favorite food that she usually orders. If this seems impossible to do, try making a script of calling a local pizza house and order. But even before you do that, you must already ask help from the restaurant to make a special pizza with the ring in it. Let them make a message of the magic words “Will you marry me”. By the time she gets to pick the food order, for sure there is no hesitation that she would open it.

Wedding Proposals

3. Bookmark in the Newspaper, Magazine or Book

Take the newspaper, magazine, novel or anything that your girlfriend loves to read habitually. In one page, insert a special paper with romantic phrases or love notes that you hand written. You need to be nearby with the box of engagement ring in your pocket so you can just kneel down and ask her once she read that note. This is very simple and cheap but absolutely romantic that she will never forget.

4. Take Her Out in a Movie or Stage Play

If you prefer a more public and unusual way to propose to her, the cinema or stage for plays is a great venue to do that. Make it like just an ordinary date for the two of you. She might have a specific taste of what kind of film or play to watch. You need to coordinate and ask for assistance with the manager of the place in order to propose with a big surprise.


5. Have a Caricaturist Help You

Another spectacular option you can choose to get down on one knee is with the help of a caricaturist. A street caricaturist or a painter can draw her beautiful face within 5 to 10 minutes. But the surprise here is to ask him to draw a banner as if you were at the back asking her for marriage but then you don’t have it except that sparkling diamond ring! This is a sure way to win her heart closer and marry you.

A surprise proposal is always the best way to make her speechless and just feel the love you have for her. It must be one of the unforgettable moments she will ever experience. It does not have to be a plan that lets you spend a huge amount of money. It is not also about having a large crowd to witness it. Or it is not about you and your girlfriend becoming famous. It must be about your pure, sincere and honest feeling toward her that inspires you to get on your knees and ask her to spend her life with you.

The suggestions posted here are essentially romantic and inexpensive ways that you can do to have the perfect proposal she will never forget. Any of these proposals are a great way to have that beautiful moment together. So, go ahead, choose how you can propose and make great memories.

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