Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Spring – What to Prioritize

If you and your lover are ready to settle and exchange vows outdoor during spring, it is very important to consider outdoor wedding ideas for spring. You can find and learn plenty of ideas for spring wedding. However, you do not need to go any further as this information can give you guide. The contents listed down are pertaining to the different aspects of preparing and planning a spring wedding. Some of the common considerations that you must keep in mind are the following: the invitations, the dresses, the wedding cake, the foods, the party flavors, the flowers and decorations and the location. Of course, all of these are referred to a chosen wedding theme. Yes, spring summer has some themes to choose from. That’s why you must also have some wedding theme ideas for spring.

Introduction about Spring WeddingImage Source : Hans

Spring is a very nice season as it is the time wherein flowers freshly bloom. It makes any wedding more beautiful and romantic. That’s one major reason why a lot of engaged couples are choosing this season because of the great weather and beautiful ambiance in general. This is also a good season to exchange “I do’s” outside because of the fair temperature which is not too hot or too cold. A few couples also prefer to tie the knot during this season because they believe that spring is a symbol of a new wonderful beginning. It can make sense for two people who would soon be uniting and living together.

Themes for Spring SeasonImage Source : brucemckay

This particular season has the best themes for wedding occasions. For outdoor weddings there are some wedding theme ideas for spring you can uncover. For spring wedding, the most favorite and common theme to choose is the garden wedding. That is because most plants and flowers are starting to grow once spring season strikes. New colorful flowers and healthy leaves are found in a garden. They add beauty to the fresh air that spring season gives to the environment. Other than a garden themed wedding, other choices include cherry blossom theme, romantic theme, fairytale theme, vintage theme and even beach theme. Nevertheless, this is one of the essential factors that you need to consider as far as learning outdoor wedding ideas for spring are concerned.

Venues for the Ceremony and Reception

Once you have a theme chosen, you go next to the location of the wedding party. In many occasions, the ceremony and reception of outdoor wedding for spring is held in one place. Like what is mentioned previously, garden is one of the best venues for spring weddings. When you read several magazines or information on the web about outdoor wedding ideas for spring, you won’t believe just how many great places are there to select from. You can unite for eternity under a big tree, outside a barn, or on a bridge.

Wedding Invitations

In selecting invitations, you need to have some wedding color ideas for spring. It will help you out choose the right color that can make your wedding invitation cards look better. Of course, the design and style have to be based on the theme of the occasion. Somehow, you would need to add flavors to it by having some embellishments and color scheme.

The Wedding Cake

A cake is also an important thing to consider when planning a wedding. You can learn some outdoor wedding ideas for spring regarding this too. It’s somewhat vital to have the right cake for a spring wedding. Make sure your cake is based on the theme to showcase that it is a spring wedding. You should match the color of the icing or frosting of the cake with your wedding color and theme. Both the taste and appearance are major factors to look for when ordering though. Yet, take some time looking for the right baker and make arrangement for your order.

Foods and Favors

Another aspect covered by outdoor wedding ideas for spring is the foods. Always choose delicious and healthy dishes that are suitable for spring season. Foods presented on the tables should make the appetite of guests crave for more. So the appearance or presentation of the dishes has to be considered too. The ideal and most common foods to serve at a spring wedding are grilled or baked seasoned lamb with added fresh vegetables on the sides and a traditional ice cream for the dessert. You can still consider other dishes as long as they are mouth watering foods. For the favor, they must represent spring too. You can have flower-shaped cookies, cupcakes topped with real flowers, colorful cake pops, or anything that is artistic and beautiful to look at.

Flowers and Bouquets

Since spring season is the new phase of growing plants and flowers blooming, it won’t be hard to find the right species of flowers. The kinds of flower to use for both bouquets and decorations are anything as long as they are fresh and fragrant. The looks and scent of flowers should bring motivation to people. That’s what a spring ambiance should be. If you read more about outdoor wedding ideas for spring flowers a lot of choices are recommended. These include hyacinths, peonies, stargazer lilies, tulips, narcissi, lilacs, daffodils, sweet peas and roses, of course. A combination of three or more flowers is even fantastic. This is what wedding color ideas for spring suggest.

Wedding AttireSome of the best dress designs that most fashion experts recommended for spring wedding are champagne dresses, vintage dresses and mermaid dresses. A bride still has to wear plain white gown. Yet, she can have the option to wear a beautiful white dress with some adornments of other color like pink jewels embedded in case the motif is pink. For bridesmaids, they can have simple long dresses or knee-length dresses. For men, anything can be selected from formal tuxedos to a less formal suit. When you deal with outdoor wedding ideas for spring dresses have to be always included.

You can consider these tips and suggestions if you want to make your spring wedding fantastic and memorable. By learning outdoor wedding ideas for spring, you get to have lots of ways on how to make the event a more unique. It can help you bigtime in planning what you would like your dream wedding to be. With that said, do not ignore the given suggestions. It’s best to take some time making real plans beforehand. You can have enough time preparing everything without screwing. The last thing every engaged couple needs to do is ruining their big day. That’s why the wisest thing to do is to plan and prepare in advance all the time. With a list of outdoor wedding ideas for spring, there’s nothing can go wrong unless you intentionally damage the original plan. Anyway, have a great and fun time doing your wedding. It is a very excellent way to feel more excited. For sure, you are looking forward to that day wherein all the things that you have in mind are already in place.


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