Mother of the Groom Speech – Groom Yourself for Speaking Success on the Biggest Day of His Life

So your precious baby boy is about to be married; and as difficult as it will be to let go of that precious little person you brought into this world, allowing him to assume his new and all important role as man and husband, it might be even more tough to find the words with which to send him off to this exciting new life.

As the mother of the groom, you will hold an exalted role for the occasion of your son’s nuptials.  And with all the glory and glamor that this role entails, it also carries with it a great deal of responsibility. You will have several enjoyable but definitely challenging tasks to perform the day of the ceremony; not the least of which is the mother of the groom speech.

This speech, frequently delivered toward the end of the bridal reception, will be your one opportunity to express your great pride and intense love for your precious child; while at the same time acknowledging that this child is now a grown man, ready to assume the massive responsibilities of home and matrimony.

Ready to throw in the towel and fake a massive and unexpected case of laryngitis; one that leaves you supposedly and conveniently unable to speak for the duration of the wedding ceremony?

Not so fast Mom; it is true, of course, that the mother of the groom speech ranks among the most difficult to deliver-and for a number of reasons.  For one thing, just about every mother finds cause to get emotional on the day of her child’s wedding.  You are sure to feel a few emotions that range from hope to sadness, excitement to sentimentality.  You will without a doubt shed a few tears that might render speech difficult.

Rest assured, though, that your audience will be more than willing to expect and accept an emotional delivery of your mother of the groom speech.  They would, in fact, be surprised-and perhaps even a bit dismayed-if you did not deliver your address to your son in a sweet and emotional way.  They not only will accept a few tears and a softened tone from the mother of the groom, they will expect it.

It doesn’t matter how meaningful or well written your speech is, or for that matter how clearly and articulately you speak; if you deliver your words in a cold and neutral manner, you might only succeed in putting off your audience-making them wonder if your cool and clinical manner of delivery is indicative of your overall attitude regarding the events of the day.  Do not be afraid to laugh and cry in equal measure, to show your deep and abiding love for your son and express your immense joy on this, the day of his wedding.

At the same time, you don’t want to come across as an overly mushy, even hysterical mother hen who can’t stand to let her little boy go.  You, after all, are an intelligent modern woman who probably works outside the home, does volunteer work, has plenty of friends and holds a number of strong opinions.  And your son is no longer your baby, but a mature, sophisticated and intelligent man who is ready to assume his most important duty in life: the role of husband.  You want to make him, yourself and your family proud by maintaining your composure and your dignity for the duration of your speech; as opposed to, say, driving your dear son under the reception table in a keen fit of embarrassment!

In delivering your mother of the groom speech, you want to come up with an incredible oratory that is both articulate and heartfelt, eloquent and emotional, sweet and sublime, passionate and professional.  So when rehearsing your speech, strive always for this delicate balance that will both win and impress your audience of family and friends.

Of course when planning your mother of the groom speech, what you say will be every bit as important as how you phrase it.  Be sure to start planning your speech well in advance of your son’s wedding, thinking carefully about the words and ideas you wish to express.

First and foremost when planning your mother of the groom speech, think about what exactly you want people to know about your son.  Conjure the qualities-whether it is his intelligence, his kindness, his success, his sense of humor, or any combination of these traits-that you feel personify your son in the best possible light.  If someone was to ask you, “What is your son like?”, what would you say?  Consider this question as you prepare your speech and elaborate on this same query as you prepare the body of your speech.  Don’t just tell your audience how bright or kind your son is; instead tell the precious and memorable stories and anecdotes that illustrate these qualities for the listener.  If your son rescued an animal from the path of a speeding car when he was 11 or graduated magna cum laude when he was 21, let them know about it.

At the same time, make sure that the bride shares his spotlight in the context of the speech.  That’s right, you have to talk about HER as well.  Keep in mind that the bride always reigns as the queen and center of her wedding day; also remember that this is your opportunity to welcome her into your family, not only as your son’s new wife but as your daughter in law as well.  So be sure to extol her many virtues, while at the same time emphasizing just how perfect she is—for your son, for your family, and in general.  Also be sure to relate to her woman to woman, conveying your understanding for all of the nervousness and excitement that she must feel on this very special day in your life; feelings that are sure to be more intense even than your own.

Finally be sure to address your son and his new wife as a couple.  Join everyone at the wedding in expressing your congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom on this, the day of their wedding.  This is not a day to lecture them, but to praise, honor and shower your affection on this wonderful, beautiful, magical couple.

Ah, but you are still the groom’s mother—and, for that matter, the bride’s mother in law—so if you do have some gentle but important advice to dispense to this couple, then now may very well be your last opportunity to do it.  So if you wish to advise them about their marriage, their professional ambitions, their family plans, their spiritual path, etc., feel free to offer general guidelines, without becoming too forceful or personal in your advisements ; i.e., “OK you kids, I want those grand babies now!  Get to work!”

At the end of your speech, you want your listeners to have a well-rounded and very complimentary portrait of your son and his wife; moreover, you want them to come away with warm, positive and inspired feelings.

Most of all, you want the bride and groom to feel your great love and never ending appreciation for them, both as individuals and as a couple.  You want them to feel your excitement, encouragement and positive energy on this, the biggest day of their lives; and you want your son to know that the biggest day of your life (aside from this one, of course) was the day you brought him into this world.

Ultimately your mother of the groom speech will be the ultimate expression of the love that you feel for your son, the man of honor at today’s wedding ceremony.  So as long as you speak well, clearly and from the heart, it won’t matter exactly what stories you tell and sentiments you share.  You are the one who brought this special young man into this world, you are the one who shared a whole lifetime with him; so you are really the only one qualified to know what to say throughout the course of your mother of the groom speech.

At the same time, if you happen to need a little help in determining how to convey your message, and how to structure and deliver your speech as a whole, then help is available. For more information on how to prepare and deliver a winning Mother of the Groom speech, please visit and get some valuable tips and suggestions; also learn more about a comprehensive speech pack that will help you give a memorable speech.

You can make the most important day in your son’s life even more beautiful, meaningful and infinitely memorable by planning a winning mother of the groom speech.  Make your words as lovely and distinctive as the day itself by writing and delivering the mother of all mother of the groom speeches.



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