Different Ways to Propose a Wedding

Do you feel this is the right moment to finally propose to your long-time girlfriend? Are you thinking of asking your beautiful lady to marry you? If you think this year is the perfect time to spend the rest of your life with her, prepare your biggest proposal ever!Since the advancement and popularity of technology, many happily in love men tried to use social media to propose to their sweethearts. A lot of them made interesting videos that became viral on different social networking sites. This kind of idea is one way on how a man should propose to his woman. It is all about surprising her and in a way that she couldn’t say ever.

It is important that when you make a wedding proposal, the location and time must be considered. You can ask the big question at a simple dinner date or during Valentine’s Day. However, you surely want to make it as memorable as possible. You may even want the entire world to know about your proposal. Well, it is time to do something different and unique that will certainly stun your soon-to-be bride. The good news is that there are lots of ideal ways to create a wedding proposal, or rather the best and most unique wedding proposal. Here are unique ways that you can consider doing where you want to ask your girlfriend if she can and will marry you.

1. A Mystery Trail ProposalImage Source :N04

If you are a fan of The Amazing Race or Survivor, giving clues that lead to one direction and to another is probably a good idea to propose marriage. This can be a challenging task but pretty much exciting and enjoyable at the end of the day especially when you heard the happy and proud “yes” of your girl. So, by doing this, you can call your girlfriend to meet you to a particular place and leave a note or something that can give her a clue. Then do not stop there because it’s quite fun to make two or three more clues until the final resort where you will pop the question. Do not try to make this a very long process because it may frustrate her and it’s helpful that she can go with the flow rather than drive back home if you make it sweet and romantic. If there is one part where you have to make it very lavish is when she reaches the pit stop. You can put a big banner that states “Will you marry me?” and some balloons on it, or ask your family and friends as well as hers so everyone dear to the both of you is there to witness it. For sure, it will melt her heart to the core.

2. A Christmas or New Year Proposal

It is never too old to propose during one of the special holidays like Christmas and New Year. This is just less anticipated than attempting to propose on Valentine’s Day. But how can you make it more memorable when you make that proposal? Well, you can refer to carolling as she spends the Christmas at her parents’ house, wrap yourself in a big Christmas box, or better yet take her in New York during the eve of the new year where it can be possibly captured on live TV.

3. A Sweet Puzzle or Crossword

There are some girls who love educational tests or challenges in general. If your girlfriend is one of them, you can consider this option as your way to make a proposal to her. You can use a big jigsaw puzzle and when she completes all the words “Will you marry me?” become readable but make sure her name is included so she knows it’s from you. For crossword, you can let her guess some words with clues, but only a few words, so she can finish it in one sitting. Then some special letters have to be written down on another space where the hidden words or phrase are unlocked. Of course, the hidden words must be your sweet proposal.

4. A Proposal From the AirImage Source :basibanget

How about an extreme way of asking her to marry you? You can invite your girlfriend for some fun bungee jumping or sky diving. Well, there are a few options for each of the options. You can choose to have the words written on the parachute so when you sky dive, she will read your propose while she waits for you to land. This is an ideal way to propose to her if she, herself, is afraid to take the big dive from the sky. If she has the confidence and bravery to sky dive, you may plant anything readable on the ground from the air to see your wedding proposal. This may also work for bungee jumping where you both can do the high jump and as soon as she opens her eyes after being thrown some feet above, the surprise would make her feel better.

5. A Concert Proposal

Another sweet, simple but memorable way to propose to a girl is during a big concert where there are thousands of strange people around to witness it. You can take your girlfriend to a concert of her favorite music artist and take that opportunity to ask her to marry you. But make sure you do this on the stage with the microphone on! This may require you to ask some help from the artist and producers just to make it happen and if you get lucky, it would be a great proposal for the both of you.

Making a wedding proposal is not that easy when you cannot prepare enough in advance. You have to be creative and resourceful in order to pull it out. For sure, the last thing you would ever wish is to hear the scary word “no” when you ask her. So, try your best to make it as romantic, memorable and unique as possible.


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