Dating Your Boss – Good or Bad

Having a relationship with your employer can definitely raise eyebrows among other workers, and even your family and friends. Sometimes, it seems fun and good to be in love, but with a person who has a higher rank in your workplace sounds tricky, too.

Whether the relationship is public or a secret, there are pros and cons. If you are in a situation that your boss seems to care more than just being his or her employee, you surely have to measure those good and bad sides. If you are the boss and feels like you have that connection with someone in your office, do the same.

The Pros

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In most cases, a strong interest between the boss and the worker is the starting key of building a relationship. It is often a popular affair because those two people get to see most of the time than anybody. Imagine working with someone from Mondays to Fridays, or perhaps until Saturdays, for 8 hours a day.

Sometimes, you also do some teamwork activities and business trips. If you are both single, there should be nothing wrong with that. It is natural to fall in love with someone regardless of who they are.

Other than the personal feeling, it is also a good thing for your profession. Actually, if you have a relationship with your boss, there is a more possible way for you to get some credits more than anyone in the team. It’s one faster for a promotion, you know.

The Cons

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If you have a relationship with your boss, even if it is legitimate, it can damage your reputation and relationship with other people. However, this factor may happen depending on how you are to your officemates or co-workers. They may outcast you because you have a good relationship with the boss. Gossips will be over you and no one likes to be the center of attention for some bad rep.

If not a problem with other people, your work can be jeopardized if your relationship is in a rocky place. Your boyfriend or girlfriend, who happens to be your boss, may become bitter and more “bossy” toward you. And that’s not good for both of your emotional feelings and career. During a break up you may feel uncomfortable and possibly make you decide to file a leave, or worst resign or fire you. Even if not planned, quitting a job is a bad news.

You may also be given a bad reference in your profile in the future if your relationship ends. Actually, if you file a resignation, you need good feedback from your boss, but that may possibly happen if your break up with him or her isn’t that good.

Company Policy

Actually, there are many private organizations and commercial businesses that do not allow an intimate relationship between a boss and any of the workers. If you are dating your boss and this is found out, the both of you would end up into disciplinary procedures. It is important that you know the policy regarding dating with a boss or a colleague before you even start considering going out with anyone from your workplace.

Suggestions and Solutions

If It is Just a Crush or Admiration

This should not affect your work and relationship with your colleagues. Just treat your boss as an inspiration and way to have a productive work. You must be more encouraged to do better and never miss a day at work in this case, which is quite beneficial for your profession.

If You Love Each Other but there’s a Strict Policy

It is better that you look for a new job to not only avoid gossip but also forced resignation. Once you have a new job, then you can continue dating with your boss, who may happen to be just your former employer by then.

If You are Dating Your Boss without Policy

The best thing that you need to do is continue your work professional and separate relationship during office hours. This is for your own good is to make your relationship and work function well. You must know when to be lovers, and when to be employee and supervisor or employer.

There is nothing wrong with dating a boss as long as it does not get into your responsibilities and duties at work. And of course, as long as this is not restricted from the company where you both are working. You won’t even have to worry about what other people have to say as long as your relationship is serious, professional, and legit. It means you should not be a girlfriend while the boss has a wife and kids. Never ever date any boss who is already married, as that is not a healthy relationship to have in the first place.

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