Zesty Orange versus Aqua Blue Wedding Invitations

Two of the eye-catching and favorite color schemes for wedding themes are zesty orange and aqua blue. If you are thinking of tying the knot during the summer, spring or fall season, these two are among the best choices there are. Maybe, you are struggling whether to go for a hue of orange or blue. Either way, zesty orange and aqua blue are great colors that are mostly seen on the wedding invitations. So, here is a list of what each of these themes can provide when you start making invitations to send out to each and every attendee of your most special occasion.

Zesty Orange

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In regards to wedding invitations, zesty orange becomes a highlight when paired to white card or board paper. They make simple invitations but very elegant and eye-catching. This hue features a refreshing and new beauty that makes every eye takes a glimpse of what’s written inside. Therefore, it can be a great choice if you choose zesty orange as your wedding theme, because on the save-the-date cards alone, you can make your guests excited about what’s to look forward to your big event.

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What kind of invitations to make for zest orange palette? There are several choices to select from in sizes, styles and thickness. You can have simple two-page wedding invitations, in which a zesty orange ribbon or lace is tied at the front page of a white stationery, and the texts indicating the details of wedding are in zesty orange too. You may also choose to have a single page of invitation but with a “door” page with a zesty orange ribbon attached on the side that opens and closes. These are examples of simple but beautiful invitations in zesty orange scheme.

Another good choice is to scroll the wedding invitation stationery where texts are scripted in orange, and tied with a thick zesty orange ribbon. There is also a design where a single flower in zesty orange color is attached to the stationery with small, thin ribbons of the same hue included.

Aqua Blue

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Aqua blue wedding scheme is also a nice choice, especially for summer wedding, and if the theme is a beach related one. Like zesty orange, aqua blue is very fresh and fun for a wedding event. It can also represent the kind of relationship you and your fiancé have.

When it comes to wedding invitations, you can be very creative in making through this color. The first thing to think about is to use whether white or aqua blue colored stationery. When you choose white, aqua blue is the color to use for the accents. In contrast, you can have aqua blue stationery with white font color instead. A blend of white and aqua blue is also a fantastic choice. To make your wedding invitation a little more interesting, glue on some aqua blue jewels, so they can sparkle and make good decorations on those cute pieces of paper.

Because invitations are important, the selection of the right color scheme, design and style, size and thickness should be considered. These are essential details that you must think through when selecting the right theme or color scheme for this very special moment. If you are down to two choices of wedding themes, either zesty orange or aqua blue, the mentioned examples and explanation above can be your basis of what to finally select. Help each other visualize regarding the ideal theme color for your wedding that won’t only provide an impression to guests, but leave a good mark to your attendees of what kind of relationship you really have.


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