Wedding Food Menu – What to Serve for the Guests at the Reception

A Wedding food menu is important to discuss and plan ahead of time. A marriage celebration is not complete without having some foods on the table. That’s how important it is to have some good foods and refreshing beverages at the reception. You must consider this aspect as valuable and essential as finding your wedding dress. You need to have the best and most scrumptious wedding reception food menu there is. How are you able to choose a list of foods and drinks? What are the ways to prepare foods on a budget? Which is a better style of dining or serving meals? The answers to these questions are the most important things you need to know right now. With that said, here are wedding food menu ideas and tips which you must keep in mind.

The Choice of Foods Depends on the Theme and LocationEvery wedding has a particular theme and destination. Both are basis on how you can choose the kinds of food and style of dining to have. Any wedding food menu must be complemented by the theme and the location. Let’s take an illustration to have a much better idea of what this means. If the wedding theme has something to do with nature and the location is in a garden, the foods have to be organic. This means that you serve only fruits and vegetables, as well as other organic food groups. You must not have any dish with some mean in it unless eggs, fish and dairy products are accepted. Another example is the infamous beach wedding in which the wedding food menu has to be related with any seafood. You can have some fried shrimp, baked salmon with mixed vegetables, lobster, etc. Whatever the theme or location is, make all foods matching. By referring back to those factors, you can have the best deals of wedding food menu ideas.

The Style of Dining Gives Clues on the Foods to ServeImage Source : jdtornow

You also expect to select foods according to the style of reception and dining you would like to have at your wedding. You have two choices that are common nowadays: buffet style and sit-in style. Unless you want a pot luck style of having foods, either buffet or sit-in can allow you to determine the foods and beverages to select. With sit-in, the wedding food menu can be anything but must be a complete set of meal. This means there is an appetizer, an entrée or main course and a dessert included. You do not just give a plate with two or three viands on it and that’s it. You must ensure the tables are filled with all three types of foods. In this kind of dining set up, there is also a wedding finger food menu to think about. This is something waiters or caterers can provide while they roam throughout the room or have the finger foods placed in one table and people just have to stand up to get some if they like to. On the other hand, a buffet style is the opposite because people have to get their own choice of foods served. From the several trays of foods, they can eat what they think they like the most. This kind of food setting requires them to stand up and probably get in the line to get foods. It works if there are only a limited number of guests. However, the wedding food menu has to be assorted from vegetables to meat and a few desserts.

Foods are also Termed as Formal Semi-Formal or Casual

Believe it or not, foods can be categorized as formal or not. There are foods that are appropriate for a formal style wedding, while others are more suitable for a casual type of marriage celebration. You need to determine the level of formality of your wedding too before you can think of the foods to serve. If the event is a formal one, your wedding food menu must include all three food types (appetizer, main course and dessert) and the kinds of dishes have to be five-star rated ones like those served in exclusive and very expensive restaurant. If it is a semi-formal wedding, foods can have a mixture of both formal and casual dishes. That means you can definitely have a wedding finger food menu too and that’s what cocktail dining is. For a casual type of wedding, any food can be listed on the menu. You do not have to choose fancy or expensive cuisines for this. It is quite more flexible because you can just have the foods that are regularly served at home and local cheap diners.

Foods To Serve by Professional Caterers or Not

When it comes to food catering service, you have fewer worries to keep in mind. You can enjoy the rest of the wedding day without being too concerned if the foods are well cooked, set up, etc. But when you choose a business that caters food and serving them, be sure that there is a variety of wedding food menu to choose from. Some may only cater a few dishes and the foods you like may not be able to serve at all. You have to select one that can cater anything but also see if the charges of foods and services are within your budget. You are not just concentrating on the wedding food menu ideas but also how to spend less for the expense of this. If there will be only several guests, then you can assign some of your relatives and friends to cook and serve foods. This is also a great way to have a cheap food expense. As a warning, it can be daunting to those assigned because they have to be keen of the time. Pressure will be all over them and you do not want that. Plus, you would surely like everyone to have a good time partying and celebrating with you.

Healthy Foods Must be ConsideredImage Source : PBpic

Another thing to learn about wedding food menu ideas is to choose nutritional foods. Your food list must be consisted with low fat, low cholesterol and low sugar ones. Your guests are heterogeneous which means some of them have a great, optimum health, while others may not be as lucky as the first group. Those who have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and the like may not be able to enjoy the reception if all foods are fatty and high in cholesterol. Be sure your wedding food menu has a blend of healthy and not-so nutritional foods. This means have a variety of vegetable dishes but also with some meat like grilled chicken, barbecues and fish.

The Food Menu Includes the Wedding Cake and Favors

Lastly but not the least, the wedding food menu has to include the traditional wedding cake and favor treats. You must choose a very good looking, mouth watering cake that can catch the attention of everyone at the reception. This has a more valuable role when it is displayed. Also, have some favors displayed on another table or at the tables of your guests. This is what they can get along with the wedding souvenir as a thank you for coming to the event. So, remember this as it is very much anticipated aside from the extra wedding finger food menu.


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