Tribute to Parents of the Bride and the Groom

Parents of the bride and the groom are undoubtedly vital people on weddings. They do not only have special roles at the event but meaningful attribution as the couple is legally united as one. As a matter of fact, one important part of a wedding is the tribute to parents of the bride and the groom. This practice is not common to all weddings but should be considered as among the momentous parts of any wedding.

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What kind of tribute to parents to present by the newlyweds? When is this part going to take place within the wedding celebration? Are there gifts to hand to the parents of the bride and parents of the groom?

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Couples, who are engaged, like you, can choose where to put in the tribute to parents. Some brides and grooms prefer to present their tribute and gifts during the ceremony. Others think it’s best to have it on the reception. It doesn’t really matter as long as it is there because this is going to be a great moment you cannot imagine. Yes, it’s one of the teary-eyed moments, so ensure to have tissues on hand so you won’t ruin your makeup.

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Before you can place yourself and your fiancé at that time, first figure out the gifts you can give to each of your parents. Sentimental items are most likely the perfect to present to parents for the wedding tribute. They need to be a symbol of your relationship to your parents. Regardless of the items picked, the giving of gifts is a big gesture of appreciation and love to the mothers and fathers of the newlyweds. Parents won’t really concentrate on the items theirselves but the thought, which you’ve showed, that counts.

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When choosing items for the tribute to your parents, it’s best to plan this in advance, just like other wedding stuffs you have to prepare as early as possible. You have more time to select the right kind of gifts, which is very helpful because you won’t have any hassles or feel pressured at all. This does not have to be taken care of at the last minute.

In most tribute to parents, the gifts are basically personalized. You can have your parents’ names embedded or engraved on the items. Some local gift shops and online stores have many personalized gifts to offer. Among the common tribute gifts to parents for wedding are photo frames, monogrammed handkerchiefs, pocket watch with family picture, scrapbook full of photos and cut-outs, and photo slideshow on DVD. There are also new and unique gifts that can be considered, such as gift certificates for spa and massage, and a 3 to 5-day vacation with inclusive breakfast.

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Assuming you have the gifts chosen and bought, wrap them in a beautiful wrapper, basket or anything, as long as it’s based on the motif of your wedding theme. They must be presentable even if still covered so the excitement you give to your parents is prolonged. Plus, it’s a part of the wedding etiquette.

During the presentation of gifts or tokens to parents, the bride and the groom must provide some words. About three to five sentences is enough, so this does not have to be long. If it is placed during the wedding ceremony, it is better to have your voice dubbed or recorded, so everybody can hear it, as you hand out your gifts to your parents. However, you may wish to say it directly as well, but the tendency is that you may not be able to finish it or easily start to cry by then. If this has to be done at the time of reception, you may include it on your wedding speech, since you are going to acknowledge your parents and your parents-in-law.

Regardless of race, religion and nationality, a tribute to parents of the bride and the groom is certainly a good addition during the wedding occasion. This is a heartfelt and inspiring moment everyone would ever witness. Yet, there’s nobody who would feel more blessed and happy other than the recipients of this wedding tribute from the newlyweds, and those are the parents of the bride and the groom.


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