Tall and Tiered Wedding Cake – The Dream Wedding Cake

The slicing of the wedding cake is one of the traditional and fun highlights of the event. Many of the attendees do not want to miss seeing the newlyweds have fun with some cake. And while everybody really looks forward to it, the reality sets in once again that you need to have the best looking and tastiest wedding cake! What else can you picture but to have a tall wedding cake in tiers! So, yes, let’s talk about that kind of special cake for your wedding occasion.

There are always endless new concepts when it comes to wedding cakes. The process of choosing just gets better because anyone has to weigh in and narrow down options. The excitement part is all about finding what you need to get for your own wedding. So, in order to choose the right wedding cake, you have to deal with several basic elements, which include the flavor and taste, colors,design, size, shape, and price.

Take the Tasting Test

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The first thing that most engaged couples will do to select a cake is to taste. Whether you already have a favorite flavor in mind or not, it is necessary to taste and confirm the flavor you prefer. You need to make sure you are getting the right flavor. Having samples of various flavors is one fun part of the whole process. That means there should be no excuse at all to avoid taking samples of different flavors until you are able to discover the best and most preferred taste.

Mark the Design

The colors and look of the wedding cake are also important elements when choosing one. These are basically selected according to the theme. It won’t be that difficult to select the design of the cake. The theme, as the basis, makes your selection easier and faster. You will find it very simple to identify the right color, the physical appearance and creative accent on the cake. Yet, ensure to choose a design that is very unique and pleasant to look at. How your wedding cake would look like depends on the outward appearance.

Calculate the Dimension

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Most wedding cakes are big, tall and in many layers. A tall, tiered cake is the dream wedding cake of most couples, perhaps include the two of you. Be sure that you specify the details when it comes to the size and shape. How thick each layer the cake you prefer? Are you going for a round or square shape, or maybe a combination of both? Do you like to have small and big tiers of the wedding cake? As you can see, even the size and shape alone have to be carefully identified and thoroughly picked.

Pre-Arrange It

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After you cover those things, it is also relatively important to think of its display or arrangement of the cake. The display is very essential as that’s how the cake is going to be presented on the table, which must be to attract the eyes of the guests. You can sketch and inform the baker of how the cake needs to look like. While you express what you like, the baker may also give suggestions and ideas that you can welcome to consider. These include the kind of stand to use and the arrangement of every layer of the cake.

Size, design and durability are the most important elements in terms of the wedding cake stand. You can go for ready-made or customized depending on your own preference. The size of the stand is simple to choose because you just have to identify the overall dimension of the cake. It is also possible that you buy a separate stand if there is a much special and better looking one that you see that the baker does not have or cannot provide. Before you do that, make sure that you ask the baker of the kind of stand he or she can offer.

There may not be too many details on the wedding cake stand but this is one way of how the whole cake is viewed from a distance. It can help your wedding cake displayed in a more eye-catching or elegant view. Actually, the stand has a strong impact on the arrangement of the cake.

Negotiate with the Price

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Regardless of what you may come up with, do not decide without bargaining on the price of the cake. The wedding cake is one fraction that may have an impact on the general expenses. You surely want to shell out a few bucks with the cake, even though you take this piece to be a very important one to have for the celebration. Just try your best to negotiate and save some money. That’s why you are encouraged to also consider selecting a good baker or bakeshop that can provide you not only the tastiest and most beautiful wedding cake but also the most affordable one.

What’s left for you to do is to execute all these tasks until you discover your dream wedding cake. I know you cannot wait anymore and want to find that beautiful, tall and tiered cake for your special event.


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