7 Country Wedding Decor Ideas

Country or barn wedding is the not a new trend, but still a favorite, in Western societies. It may sound traditional, but this really never gets old! The location setup alone is romantic and the attire choice is awesome. The list of décor ideas can be endless, but we will only discuss 7 that are more related. Let’s discuss those 7 décor ideas, which you can surely agree on to have on your own big, special event.

1. Lightings

It may be in the afternoon, early evening, or even in the morning. The time of the wedding doesn’t matter when it comes to lightings. The room should always be filled with lights, unless it is located in an open area during the day.

Lights create a very stunning and cozy ambiance. It enchants the entire room and boosts the mood of people. This is most especially needed for a barn reception. The old, rustic design of a barn becomes more eye-catching with strands of lights hanging in the ceiling and on the walls. It will surely wow everyone in the room. And that’s exactly how you want to impress your guests for sure.

Candles are usually common on wedding events, including a country themed one. This kind of lighting adds a romantic effect. It does not only provide additional glow, but also helps save time, because there is no need to use electricity. What you only have to keep in mind is that the place is filled with wood, so be watch out for candles that might start flames.

2. Buntings

This particular décor definitely provides a country feel. You can choose different colors and designs for the pattern. It may be based on the specified motif you have chosen. This is better hanged on a high position. It is also a great idea if you can do a customized one, which is another money saving option.

3. Ribbon

Other than buntings, ribbons in various sizes, colors and types can add beautiful impact during the occasion. This is not the ribbon you tie at the back of the chair, although you may do that still. This is a more absolute décor that needs to be given emphasis on a barn wedding.

4. Burlap

Burlap is one other item that is country related. You may want to have a burlap carpet at the entrance of the barn and just shower some red rose petals. This kind of material can be also used as a runner on tables. With burlap, it just makes the reception a lot more country if you use something that is related to the setup. If you want, have burlap material too for the packaging of the favors you are going to give away to each of your attendees.

5. Glass Bottles

Bottles in different sizes and shapes are also a good country wedding décor to use. You can do a lot of things with this kind of decoration. First, it is a very useful vase for flowers. You do not need the expensive glass flower vase for this type of wedding.

It is also a good idea to fill in some slices of citrus fruits floating in water. You can put a few on tables as an additional centerpiece. They would look really nice and country!

6. Drapery

The first décor that should catch the attention of attendees is the drapery hanging at the entranceway of the barn. Glue some lettering about the newlyweds, such as “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. _____” or better a unique and kind of funny phrase.

7. Wild Flowers

Regardless of the theme, wedding decorations won’t be completed without flowers. But for a country themed wedding, wild flowers are a much better choice. A lot of wild flowers to select from but you may also add some common ones such as sunflowers, roses and lilies.

Basically, all of these decorations are easy to get. They are not expensive and available at any season. In other words, cheap décors like the seven mentioned above are certainly within your budget. But what strikes the most is that they make the entire setting of the reception a lot more beautiful and cozy.


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