5 Stylish Wedding Gowns of the Year

Every wedding gown has its own different elements that provide a variety of looks. Some bridal gowns are simple but they can be very expensive. Others may be cheaper, but depends on the styles and materials. As the most special day of your life is soon to happen, you are at the start of finding your dreamed wedding gown. If you want something that is trendy for this year, there is nothing you can do but to trim down the choices with these 5 stylish bridal dresses.

1. Traditional Wedding Gown

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Despite the modernity of our times, there are still some brides who look for a traditional style of wedding gowns. They are simple but very attractive to look upon once worn by a modern-day bride. Also, other traditional wedding gowns are more improved. Some designs of traditional wedding gowns are made with lower neckline unlike the old style that’s fully covered. Of course the color of the gown is always been the magical white, which is clean, elegant and classy.

2. Sleek Figure-Hugging Wedding Dress

This kind of wedding gown is good for brides with tall and slim body. It showcases the curves from the hips to the waist. If you are a long-legged person, this can be the ideal bridal dress to wear. Moreover, this style has become among the favorites of most soon-to-be brides because it’s sophisticated and sexy.

3. Hollywood Glamour Bridal Dress

The original 50’s style of Hollywood glam wedding gown is floor length and highlights a belt or a ribbon at the waistline. Modernized ones can be in knee to tea length with sheer cover that will help emphasize the legs and hem. This kind of bridal dress is good for any sizes.

4. Single-Shoulder Bridal Gown

Today, there are more brides who’ll go for one-shoulder trap wedding gown, because they find it sexier than those strapless or double-shoulder bridal dresses. The style is actually more suitable for the generation we have. It represents modernity, sophistication and beauty. You will certainly like this kind of dress for your own wedding. Just ensure that you are comfortable with the style of this gown and chin up as you cherish every moment of the special occasion.

5. Tea-Length Wedding Gowns

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Another style of wedding dress that is a new trend these days is the tea-length dress for brides. There are no more rules in regards to the wearing of a wedding gown as long as you are comfortable with it. In fact, some brides do even wear a gown made of mixed colors, or not pure white at all. With a tea-length bridal dress or gown, the wearer is comfortable and confident to move, especially when marching down the sandy aisle of the seashore.

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No matter how time flies, bridal gowns are still a must to wear on wedding events. The dress and the march are the best highlight of the bride on her most special moment. That is why every woman who is bound to tie the knot needs to think hard and choose carefully on the kind of dress they are going to wear. It can showcase her natural and amazing look, but she has to standout among other women as she is the bride of the occasion. All eyes will be upon her, but nothing more she has to impress than her groom who is waiting at the end of the aisle to meet her at the altar for a beautiful and unforgettable marriage ceremony.

Everybody loves to see the bride wearing her beautiful wedding gown. Everybody is expecting to see her how beautiful she is on her wedding gown. Like what is mentioned, the groom is the person who would definitely look forward to it. That is why choosing the best style of a wedding gown is really important for the bride. You can choose one of the mentioned styles of wedding gowns above if you don’t have any idea yet about that latest and trendiest dress to wear by a bride. When you start scouting, just have fun and relax. Do not worry too much, because every girl can find the perfect bridal gown or dress to wear for her most anticipated special day.


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