Wedding Theme – How to Select the Best One

Every engaged couple doesn’t want to make their dream wedding known to be a mess, the most boring or an occasion not easy to remember. Perhaps, you do not want to wish the same. You’d probably like to have the best wedding so far. Who else would want their wedding to be not successful and memorable? Nobody likes that and you do not want that to happen too.

If you like to have the best wedding, start planning a good one. Begin with the theme because everything that is seen from the ceremony to the reception has something to do with it. The color, the décors, the dresses, everything is chosen based on the theme.

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It is a must to speak to your groom about your wedding theme. Both the groom and the bride need to decide regarding the kind of theme they have to pick for their wedding. Your theme must match your lifestyle and personality. If you two like the outdoors, then the most ideal theme for your wedding is beach or garden theme. Both garden and beach wedding are common these days because they take place in a natural setting. The point here is to find out what you both like and what makes you more interested to have for your special occasion. To help you out, here are some factors that you have to think about when you select the right theme for your most dreamed wedding celebration.

1. Hobbies and Interests

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It is very important to consider both of your hobbies and interests in choosing your wedding theme. This relatively means that your theme must match what you both like. For example the bride likes chocolate, while the groom has a taste for sweet foods. If so, you can base your theme through that and you’ll have the candy and chocolate theme. If you are into music, whether have the talent or simply like listening to some certain genres of songs, then make it a musical theme.

2. Location

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You think of the location where you want your wedding takes place. If you both love to take your wedding near the beach, like what I’ve said awhile back, it’s going to be a beach theme. If it is one of the countryside venues in your place, a garden or barn theme is definitely the choice.

3. Season

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It is very essential to consider the season of your wedding too. When choosing a theme, think of the kind of day and temperature of the time during your wedding. Is it held during the summer month, the first week of autumn or in the middle of the fall season? This factor of selecting a wedding theme can help you to think too of what kinds of decorations, wedding dresses, invitations, etc. you would have.

4. Budget

Your budget has also an essential role with your choice of wedding theme. Some themes can make you shell out real high amount of bucks. Others can be cheaper when you can think of things that you can recycle or personalize.

Now that you have the criteria of how to choose a wedding theme, the only thing you need to do is to identify them. You and your spouse-to-be must come up with the right and perfect theme that makes your dream wedding come true.

To give you more ideas, here are some common and popular themes that you may consider. This list of wedding themes can help you narrow down your choices.

1. Fairy Tale Theme

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A wedding is a dream come true to most people especially brides. If you have been longing for your prince charming in shiny knight armour, it is a definite choice to have a fairytale themed wedding. Those crystal balls, twinkling stars, icy smokes and princess styled dress are good stuffs that you can picture for this kind of wedding.

2. Urban Theme

In this modern generation, an urban theme can be trendy for most couples. Those who live in the city, most especially, prefer to have this kind of wedding. It just shows their lifestyles and habits as individuals in the world or citizens in the country. Well, a ceremony held in a helipad where the surrounding is full of skyscrapers is going to awesome, don’t you think?

3. Cherry Blossom Theme

If you prefer something Asian or choose a day during winter, the cherry blossom theme is the most ideal choice. This is a romantic type of theme that only focuses on one thing. Everything has to be cherry blossom! That won’t be too hard to prepare at all then.

4. Black and White Theme

A very simple, traditional but elegant theme that you may choose is the black and white theme. This one also provides easy preparation because you basically have two colors only, black and white. Everything you need to prepare won’t be hard to make, buy and do if this is the case. Yet, the formality is high which can still make any wedding the best.

5. Nautical Theme

You may like the beach but you want to focus on the details of a ship or maybe you both want it held in a beautiful yacht. If this is what you’re thinking, have a nautical theme. It basically refers to various items that are related to naval and maritime. Who knows your groom is probably a navy or a crew of a big ship.

You probably have more ideas now that you have some samples of wedding themes. As you are able to read them one by one, other themes are starting to picture on your mind. That is great because you are now ready to make a selection of the theme for your wedding. Have fun choosing and preparing because this is a memorable and special occasion. You surely want to plan ahead of time with so much excitement and less hassle. Indeed, it’s going to be a very romantic and unforgettable occasion. Well, start making your dream wedding come true!


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