Wedding Invitation Etiquette – How to Make Good Invitations

Are you interested to learn some wedding invitation etiquette? Would you need to be aware of the etiquette in making invitations for wedding? Well, this is your best chance so don’t miss what this article has to offer to you!

Wedding is the most awaited and dreamed event of any couple especially those who have serious relationships for years. There are lots of things that you need to accomplish and prepare to make your wedding successful as well as memorable. Making your wedding successful is easy to achieve as long as you prepare ahead of time. It works best if you have other people helping you out. The more people are there the faster things are completed. You will need to give your full energy, time and most important patience to ensure things are all set and ready for the big, special occasion. One of the first few things that you have to make and prepare is the wedding invitations. You cannot organize other things without sending the invitations to all prospect guests. What you will focus on learning here is the wedding invitation etiquette. You need to know the dos and don’ts of making invitations. That means you won’t only concentrate on making them beautiful but also appropriate and orderly.

Invitation cards for wedding are not easy to make if you decide to do it on your own. Even if you prefer having a printing business do all the work, you still have to give them a sketch of what your invitation cards would look like. Therefore, you really have to know the standard wedding invitation etiquette. You should know the significant of wedding invitations before you send them out to each and every guest. This is one of the most important things that you need to accomplish before your wedding. Here is a list of wedding invitation etiquette in regards to what you need to do and keep in mind.

1. Be Creative

In making wedding invitations you should be creative in a way that they are pleasant to look at. It is very important to make your wedding invitation beautiful. This will help your guests feel excited and look forward. That’s why you have to think creatively on how your invitation cards would look like. They need to appear unique so they can be considered as beautiful and different. That is just a basic wedding invitation etiquette to learn.

2. Choose a Theme

There is always a theme for a wedding so your invitations must be purely based on it. Your wedding theme will help you decide what kind of save-the-date cards to have. This is another wedding invitation etiquette to remember and follow.

3. Select a Good Paper Material

It is really common to consider the materials for wedding invitations too. Lots of different kinds of materials for invitations are available to choose from. Remember that your invitation cards represent the formality and theme of your special event. Thus, the material choice must match both the theme and the formality of the occasion.Image Source : soundfromwayout

4. Spell the Names and Words Correctly

There is nothing more important than to have the right or correct spelling of words especially the names. On a typical wedding invitation card, the names of the bride and the groom are written. Sometimes, the names of the members of the entourage are also included. But do not forget to check the names of the recipients too. From the names to the location, all must be spelled correctly. That’s the most vital wedding invitation etiquette that you must not ignore.

5. Finalize the Date and Time

The time, day, month and year of the big event are other important contents of wedding invitations. As stated on the standard wedding invitation etiquette, the date provides the exact time your guests will go to the event. You have to follow the time and day that are posted on the save-the-date cards. This mean you cannot change them anymore once you have distributed the invitations.

6. Specify the Location

You give a specific direction where the event is going to be held. This is part of the traditional wedding invitation etiquette. The exact address of the wedding venue must be detailed on the invitation card. In most cases, there is a map included too which is much easier for your guests to find out where the wedding location is.

7. Include “RSVP”

You may have seen many wedding invitations that have RSVP on them. RSVP stands for “respondez s’il vous plait” which means “reply, if you please”. It is derived from the French language that is usually and traditionally included on wedding invitations. It is also part of the wedding invitation etiquette to have it written on invitation cards so make sure you let your guests respond if they come or not to the wedding.


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