Wedding Checklist – Organize Your Wedding with a List

Let me congratulate you for being recently engaged and getting married soon! I know the exact feeling you have right now and it’s something indescribable. It’s more than excitement and happiness but you know it’ll be a great moment. It just means that you want your special day to be very memorable, romantic, unique and outstanding. Therefore, have a wedding checklist that can help get started and stay reminded of what you need to do to make that event successful.

I don’t deny how difficult it is to plan a wedding. It can be so stressful for any groom and bride. As soon-to-be bride and groom, you need to avoid stresses as much as possible. That is why you do not just work the two of you alone. You will have other folks to help you and give you some hands. Furthermore, everything has to be ready before the big day. You need to look fresh on your big event. Despite how busy you may be, remember to feel relaxed and stay cool. It is easier to do things with convenience and less hassle if you have this wedding checklist. Below are the important things you need to list down.


Before getting into specific things that you need to consider, the first thing you must keep in mind is the wedding expenses. Estimate the budget you need to shell out in preparing your wedding. You can calculate the approximate of stuffs to pay and buy for with a professional. Alternatively, you can ask for a list of possible ranges of expenses which you can follow and apply. No matter what it all comes down with how much you two can afford for your wedding.

Theme and Color Scheme

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After identifying the amount of expenses to use, the next big thing to figure out is the theme of your wedding. When do you consider having the wedding? Is it during the summer, spring, fall or wedding? If you answer it, a specific theme is much easier to choose. When there’s a theme, there’s also a color or colors. The color scheme must be related to the theme so there’s order and neatness.

Invitations – Day, Time and Venue

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I know how excited you may be to talk about dresses, but first, you must remember that invitation cards have to be sent out as early as possible. List down all the people you want to come on your special day and celebrate with you. Take note the key ingredients of a wedding invitation, which are the date and location. That’s why you must select a venue for the ceremony and reception with scheduled time. Once you choose a specific day and time as well as the venue, have your invitations ready. By then, you can just distribute them ahead of time so you can allow your guests to respond early too.

Dresses and Accessories

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The attire is an important section of the checklist that has to be taken consideration. This does not only cover the gown of the bride and the tuxedo of the groom but also the dresses of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers. Also, the parents of the groom and the bride must be given special dresses since they are the most important of the event. Other than clothes, include shoes, jewelry and other wedding accessories because they are useful and essential as well.

Bookings and Orders

A registrar and a clergyman are the first people that you have to make business with in regards to your wedding. You must be able to apply marriage certificate and provide all of the details required. Once you’re done with that, you can proceed to other businesses. These include your bookings of photographers and videographers, food caterers, musicians, stylists and make-up artists, etc. You also have to make your special order of the wedding cake. Do not forget to hire cars and limousines with drivers for the transportation.

Decorations and Set Ups

The part of the wedding checklist that may be long enough is when you start listing down the decorations. Decorations refer to the items and things that are displayed everywhere starting from the ceremony to the reception venue. Among the basic décors are flowers, ribbons and bows, bells, hearts and confetti. Depending on the theme you choose, there will be other stuffs that you can utilize. Other things that have importance for the wedding are tables and chairs. You need these so do not forget them on the list as well.

Food, Favors and Drinks

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You and your future spouse may be planning to have food caterers. It is easier to prepare foods anyway but the kinds of dishes and beverages have to be decided by you. Have a variety of foods that everybody would love. Whatever you select, there must be a complete meal, which means choose an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert. Other than these, have the wedding cake on the list, beverages, including wine or champagne and party favors.

Organizing your wedding is very fun but also challenging that’s why you must balance your time and increase your patience. Once all the things on the checklist are finalized, assign some people, i.e. the maid of honor and the best man, to do some of those things. Yes, you won’t be working alone with your engaged partner. The reason why you have bridesmaids and groomsmen is to have the assistance you need.

Remember that all of the things discussed above are very important to write down on your wedding checklist. That’s going to be a personal list which can help you and remind you what must be accomplished. Everything that must be completed has to be dealt with the right time. It means you do not have to procrastinate because the tendency is that it can ruin something that can affect the success of your wedding. You certainly do not want that to happen. So, the bottom line is that use this checklist as your timetable and blueprint at the same time.


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