Traditional and Beautiful Places to Exchange Vows

A huge, sparkling, and promising rock has finally rested on the fourth finger, right next to the pinkie, of your left hand after a long wait. Yay, congratulations! And yes, you’re not dreaming even if you want to pinch yourself right now! As excitement and happiness swarm around you wherever you go and whatever you do, you have to face the pressure of preparing this most special and momentous day. But you won’t have to worry at all because it’s fun to prepare things for your wedding. One of those things that you must first prioritize is to choose the venue where you would have your ceremony and reception.

What to Consider

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Several things that you must keep in mind when it comes to wedding venues have to be considered first. These refer to your individual personality, lifestyle, religious belief, cultural background, and race or ethnicity. Each of these has to be discussed and you come up with something that you both agree with, without disrespecting one’s standards. For sure, any of these won’t be a problem at all since you are already engaged. The only thing to consider is what your family has to say if you go for this and that. None should be offended no matter what to ensure that everybody has a great and fun celebrating your wedding.

Do not forget the financial aspect plays a major role as well in choosing wedding venues. Unless you have a nice, spacious place in your house, it is impossible not to pay any rental fees these days.

Other than those things, choose the kind of wedding you would want to have. Is it going to be a formal one, semi-formal, casual or semi-casual? It is easy to find out the right place for your wedding if you can select the type you both prefer.

The season is also considered when making a consideration. Not all wedding venues may be available for summer or winter. Let’s say the beach won’t be a good venue if it takes place on fall or winter. If it is a spring type of wedding, you won’t just go to the lake or island either.

Where to Wed

Whether you want to tie the knot within the country or outside, there are only a few places to select from that have been traditionally followed. Most of the weddings, no matter how modern or traditional, take place in church, hotel, garden, and beach.

On the Beach

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The most favorite and summer destination for wedding, especially summer wedding, is the beach. It is a romantic place which makes it a perfect setting for a beautiful and momentous wedding event. There is just something special about the beach, plus the sunny weather and warm but airy wind is magical.

In a Garden

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A garden is also a favorite choice to exchange vows because of its green color and rich in vibrant air since it is an open area. Couples who choose an outdoor wedding especially during spring are able to feel a wonderful energy from the ambiance.

At an Exclusive Hotel

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For some, it would be ideal, safe and private to have a wedding in a hotel. With all the modern furniture, cool lightings and friendly staff in an architectural edifice, a hotel offers not just the place for rental. It also provides food catering and ushering services. Plus, a team of reliable staff also prepares the tables and chairs as well as decorations. This selection can help reduce some of the hassles you prepare for the wedding. Some even give free rooms for an overnight for the couple.

In a Barn

There are some lovers who like the outdoor and nature in general. So, the best place for them to have their most special day is in a barn. With bridesmaids wearing boots and groomsmen donning hats, a bride and a groom will certainly have fantastic outdoorsy wedding.

In a Church

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Let’s not forget the most traditional of all which is a wedding church. Even if people do not really mind going to churches regularly these days, a lot of couples still like to give their vows before God, and their family and friends. It feels like all the blessings and happiness a couple needs in their marriage would start in the church. So, why not just make it a simple ceremony and say “I dos” here?

While these are traditional wedding places, they still the favorite choices of many couples. It is rare for lovers to go for something bizarre, odd and extreme. Yet, it all comes down to what the bride and the groom want. They just have to make the right decision that is based on several things that would help make the process easier and convenient to the pocket.


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